CC: November 2014 Updates

Youmacon is already over for this year?  It just started.  Sad but true though, the four days of Youmacon goes by too fast every year and leaves everyone always wanting more.  This year was no difference with all the great guests, panels, staffs and friends that attended.  I am proud to say that I got a break from the insane life that I’ve been living to breath and see friends.

Review: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014 - Video has Spoilers!


On August 8th the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie came to theaters across the United States and a few other Countries.  Over the weekend they took #1 over the weekend in the Box Office.  And have people talking all around on if they like the movie or not.  The video is a SPOILER review, below is a short review with no spoilers.  This will not be my last video on this movie as there is a lot to talk about.  Without any more hold up, here is my review of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2014 film.

Review: Half Shell Heroes: Drop Copter with Raph and Casey with Metal Head


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures have gone through many changes through the 26 years they’ve been on the market.  One of the most recent versions of these toys by Playmates Toys is the Half Shell Heroes.  These are figured made for the younger fan base, but can be enjoyed by all fans.  Here is my review of Drop Copter with Raphael and Casey with Metalhead.

These are some awesome toys.  The drop copter reminds me of some of the toys I had as a child, the Raphael has an awesome expression on his face.  Casey and Metalhead are both cool.  Of course if you want to see my full report on them please just watch the video. 

Review: Ninja AT3 with Leonardo


The Walking Dead Mystery Minis Series 3

Are you missing The Walking Dead during the mid-season break?

Funko has you covered!

The walkers and survivors of The Walking Dead have gone miniature once again!

Seventeen brand new character variations are now available in adorable blind box form!

Check out the rarity scale below!


Take a better look at the line up here:

What's Happening This Week - Movies & TV

What's Happening This Week is a new segment on Cowabunga Corner that will take a look at what is coming up this week in movies and television, and not just Ninja Turtles. We'll not only cover upcoming releases for Blu-Rays and DVDs, but also what is coming to theaters and to your home. This isn't a full review of any particular item, but just a general synopsis of what's coming up for you to be on the look out to see. As time goes by, this segment may increase into more products such as toys, video games, books, music and who knows what else!

Please make sure to comment below about what you are excited to see and if there were any other items we missed that you want to see!

In the meantime, let's find out what's happening this week!

Review: Ninjas in training


Hikari Friday: Deadpool and Entertainment Earth Exclusive Planet X Groot


Are you ready for Hikari Friday?!

This Friday, we are giving away TWO Hikari Sofubi Figures!

We are holding the giveaway via our social media channels.



Classic Deadpool Premium Hikari Sofubi Figure

Review: Half Shell Heroes Rippin Rider, Biker Don, Splinter and April


Review: Shellshock Smile Set

The Holiday season there’s so much going through the stores.  A lot of which are toys that we get excited about, though this is also the time to buy those odd items that won’t be on the market after the Holidays are over.  One of these items for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fans is this cool toothbursh holder set that is out right now called Shellshock Smile Set, 3 Pc