About Cowabunga Corner

Cowabunga Corner is a few friends who have gotten together to share our views on different things. Though it is mainly founded as a Ninja Turtle Review site to go over everything that is TMNT, we also cover other things we like and events that we attend. This started off as a simple youtube blog back in February 2010, when Michele Ivey decided to start doing videos about herself and the Ninja Turtles since there are so many people out there who have shown interest in her story. Phoenix jumped on board as the editor for Cowabunga Corner video blogs, and that was the beginning of a new and fun blog.

Cowabunga Corner has become a blog with a handful of different things to it, we have the reviews of movies, toys, and other products and events, interviews with people who have worked with the TMNT property and also fans, and even flash backs of TMNT events. We are working on a few non-Ninja Turtle topics which will be in the "Ivey Tales" and "Ivey's Flashback" blogs, covering other parts of Michele's life, which people may find of interest. Some of those things include her history with media, her disabliity with RSD, and her artistic family.

The website is now put together so that we can share our stories in text as well, and cover much more than we can with the video. Such as Movie and TV series reviews. These will be written by both Phoenix and Michele, letting known our likes and dislikes. Also upon this site we will be doing event reviews, what's the best convention to go to, what concerts have we been to and was it worth the trip and money. This site will be filled with reviews, upcoming events and blogs.

The People Behind it All

Michele Ivey was born and raised in Michigan. As a child, she enjoyed most cartoons on the air. Some of her favorites were Care Bears, He-Man, She-Ra, Ghostbusters, and ThunderCats. Favorite movies from her childhood are Dumbo, Roger Rabbit, The Last Star Fighter, Howard the Duck and Ghostbusters. She collected toys of each of the medias that she enjoyed and these toys remain in her collection today. As a child, she wanted to get into the field of art until she realized that she wasn't keeping up with the skills that her own family had, so she moved on to acting. Finding it to be fun, something she can do and it made others happy.

In 1989 Michele became a Turtle fan, through the cartoon. This lead to the beginning of her collection, and a fandom that would change her life. It wasn't till a year later that Michele realized this fandom was different from the others that she has taken part in, when her Turtle costume was made and she wore it to the "Coming Out of Their Shells Tour". A mob of over 100 gathered around her, thinking she was part of the show and wanting her autograph. It was a feeling like none other, and a memory that will never be forgotten. This Turtle costume and Michele went on to do over 150 Children Birthday parties, also working Movie Theaters for TMNT 2 & 3, and going to hospitals to see children. Michele lables these the best years of her life, as she was happy and was able to make hundreds to thousands of other people happy. One event that she covered had around 1200 to 1500 kids. The end of the parties came all too soon for Michele in 1993, though when one door closed another one opened. In 1994 she found the Words & Pictures Museum and made some of the best and closes friends she could ever hope for, including a handful who worked with Ninja Turtles.

Every year since Michele has become a fan, there's been one or more TMNT events per a year to keep her going strong in the fandom. "Cowabunga Corner" will be covering all of those events, as well as interviewing some of Michele's friends that she's made through these years of traveling and meeting people.

While Michele remains a strong TMNT fan, she enjoys many other medias and is hoping to cover those here on the review section of the website. From anime, cartoons, to hit tv series, and the latest movies released at the theater & DVD releases as well!

In 1998 Michele made a really good friend, who has since become her best friend and editor of her blog, Phoenix. She is the technical support behind Cowabunga Corner, with both the website and the video blogs. She is the editor and the graphical designer for the video blogs and website. From time to time, she will take part in the reviews.

Miki, Michele’s sister, goes on a lot of adventures with Michele.  She’s really good with art and taking photos, so she handles most of the camera set ups for on the spot interviews, events, and reviews.  The two of them work together on traveling as Miki has put a lot into helping Michele make Cowabunga Corner what it is.  Her photos can be found throughout this website.

Fugitoid is a good friend of Michele’s.  He joined the TMNT-L mailing list back in the mid 1990’s and they’ve been in touch ever since.  In 2005 he helped start the new TMNT-L Forums which Michele spends most of her free time on.  He has helped sponsor some of Michele’s trips, helped the crew at events and has done some reviews here on Cowabunga Corner.  

Another member of the Cowabunga Corner crew is LeatherHead.  Michele met LH through the TMNT fandom early 2013 and have become good friends.  LH has written some reviews here on Cowabunga Corner, has gone to a few TMNT events as a crew member for Cowabunga Corner and is now helping out big time with the Cowabunga Corner Facebook page.  He’s a new fan to the TMNT fandom, as the character Leatherhead caught his attention and he has taken his inspiration and became an active fan.  Artist, writer and creative; we are happy to have him on the crew.

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