The Million Dollar Highway

One of my favorite parts of working on Cowabunga Corner is the traveling.  To collect the interviews and get event coverage Miki and I travel the United States.  We end up being on the road about 70% of the year.  Driving through the big cities and the little towns, the mountains, farm lands and even the dessert.  Seeing parts of the United States I would never even known about if I did not start these road trips.  I would like to share one of my favorite areas to drive through in Colorado.  This is known as the Million Dollar Highway.

Kathy's Diner

Northampton the home of Mirage Studios.  One of my favorite vacation spots as I have been traveling there for 20 years now, visiting friends and having good food.  With cool stores and neat places to visit I highly encourage many to go there.  With a smile on my face and fond memories of great times.  One of our favourite places to go has always been Kathy’s Diner, the best Pancakes in town.  When cutting through Northampton this last time, we came to a surprise finding Kathy’s Diner close.  Of course the memories will always be with me and now I’ll like to share those with everyone.

My Disney Books of Memories

There are some prizes in the world that means more to you than just the money spent on the item. This is true for so much of my collection, and sometimes luck evades me and such treasures are lost.  Things that can not be replaced by just a trip to the store.  This is a memory from July 1993 when I visited Disney World and got to see the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles at MGM Park.

My Father : Dave Ivey

Family, the key that helps us shape up to who we become.  If people want to believe it or not, their family has a strong influence on their life.  Folks who are there for you every steps of the way, those who barely know you’re alive and even those who disappear before memories can truly begin to take place.  Each one cause a rift of waves that will forever set you on a path unique only to you and those close to you.  Each family has a different feel, their own fingerprint.  I feel lucky to be in the family that I have.  Often I share their stories, the good and the bad.  I feel that those around you, everyone you meet and see, lives on through your memories.  Sharing those memories is how to keep one

Ivey's Flashback #4

Hey everyone,

RSD Update

Many people have been asking me how things have been since my surgery, what I’ve gone through, and just how much of a difference it has made.  I’m at the point where I’m ready to share the last few months of my life and just what a wonderful thing these doctors have done for me.

Ivey Flashbacks 2


This episode the video was recorded in November 1990 as my dad made a Krang puppet, we called a hall costume. It’ll sit on our shoulders as we walk around and the mouth moves.

Ivey Flashback 1

In Ivey’s Flashbacks, these are videos with no new words added, all the speaking is that from the original footage. These are sort of bonus videos, they’ll be released every now and than, sometimes they’ll be TMNT related, sometimes they won’t.

The first episode of “Ivey’s Flashback” was filmed on Saturday, June 5th, 2004. The first of three days of filming for “Totally Obsessed”. This was after a 3 hour long interview done up in my bed room. It is the scene where I wear my Turtle costume to spar my brother.