Season 5

Cowabunga Corner 111: Interview with Tom Wayland

In this episode I interview voice actor, Tom Wayland.  Tom was the voice of Jammerhead in 4Kids Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fast Forward.  I first met Tom at Katsucon in 1996, when Michael Sinterniklaas informed me that Tom was working on Ninja Turtles.  These days Tom is best known for directing the new series of Pokemon.

Cowabunga Corner 110: AMC Abby 8 with the Party Turtle

In this episode I share footage from 1991 at a local Movie Theater, the AMC Abby 8.  Growing up this was one of the main movie theaters we would go too.  They did not have the first TMNT movie at this theater, though they did get TMNT 2.  We were brought in as the Party Turtle by a radio station which was holding their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Party there, giving away posters, candy, sticker albums and more. 

Cowabunga Corner 109: Review IDW 11 to 15

Welcome to episode 4 of Cowabunga Corner Season 5.  In this episode I share a review of issues 11 to 15 of the IDW TMNT Comic Books.  These comics have truly been outstanding with the work of Tom Waltz and Kevin Eastman on writing.  The passion behind it is clear and the story just draws the reader into it.  I share here my thoughts on the story, art and characters.

Cowabunga Corner 108: Review Carter & Dregg

Cowabunga Corner 107: Interview with Bill Wolf



Cowabunga Corner 106: Nick TMNT 1/2 of Season 1

Welcome to the first episode of Cowabunga Corner Season 5.  In this season we are going to have more interviews, reviews, and event coverage.  With more reviews of the recent IDW Comic books, the story of why the Party Turtle went out of business, and video of Mark Bode doing some art in the Bronx.  So much to share!  Let’s get this season started.