Review: Killer B's

The first Thursday of every month a people gather at the Main Arts Theater in Royal Oak, Michigan for an event that gets everyone to howl.  This event is called “The Killer B's” where Wolfman Mac from Chiller Drive-In and his crew host a really bad movie and get to mingle with the fans who show up.  Every time I’m in town for this event, I make sure to attend, for the laughter, the boos, and hitting a beach ball around.  If you’re into those really cheesy horror movies that have come out through the years, this may be an event you’d like to come to at some time.

April 7th, the movie that was shown was a real bad one called “The Fury of the Wolfman.” This movie came out in 1972 and starred Paul Naschy as the Wolfman.  I can not say that I’m a fan of the movie as it was long, confusing and just boring.  Characters would pop up that we had no clue how they were involved.  Though when you come to The Killer B's show, it isn’t the movie that always holds the fans, it’s the fun you can have in the theater.

Laser pens, beach balls, and noisy balloons are all encouraged to be a part of this movie night.  So while watching the movie, try to keep an ear or eye out for the flying beach ball that may land in your area.  If you have a laser pen, watch for the target time of the movie where they bring up characters from Chiller Drive-In for you to shoot at with your pens or just have fun through the movie pointing at the characters on the screen.  No matter how bad or good the movie is this crowd leaves with laughter and smiles upon their faces.

Though Wolfman Mac himself was not there for this night, he is normally a big part of these events up front of the crowd.  Signing autographs, talking with the fans and taking a big part of making this a fun night.  For this past evenings events, the night was hosted by. Dr. Valentines, The Milkman and Torg, each are characters from Chiller Drive-In.  They took the time before the movie to go up and say hi to everyone and introduce the horror of “The Fury of the Wolfman” to us and after the movie they were up there to encourage people to go to the lobby, where everyone gathers to hang out each week for a good half hour to an hour. 

In the lobby they have a table set up with merchandise to sell and a raffle.  Every month, Dave Ivey, a prop designer for the show, makes up something to raffle off.  Along with the handmade one of a kind prop, they raffle off tickets for next month’s show, DVDs of the series “Chiller Drive-In” and so much more.  Fans get to have their items autographed before the crew breaks up and goes their own way. 

This time Dave made a Wolfman puppet to be raffled off.  He built this on April 6th just for the show.  Fans were really excited to see this prop go up for the raffle and the winner was very happy with his prize.  Dave made sure to take the time and autograph the puppet.  He also autographed a cow cane which was a prop he brought with him for the event, and someone bought from him there in the lobby.

One of my personal favorite things during this showing of Killer B's was a young girl named Isabella, who came to the event wearing a costume of one of the characters from the show.  She came dressed as Morbid Melvin, which is a character that has been part of the show for a long time.  Isabella did such a great job as mini Melvin that, shortly after the raffle Morbid Melvin showed up for a photo shoot with her.  As we all got to gather around and take pictures of the two of them together.

Overall, Killer B's a fun night and one I highly encourage anyone in Michigan to check out.  If you have not seen the “Chiller Drive-In” series do check it out on RTV and at their website.  Wolfman Mac has really got something great going on and deserves any support that he gets to keep the show on the air!

I’ll be returning to “The Killer B's” show on May 5th to see what they have in store for us next month! 

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Great article, the show was a blast!

Michele, It's Killer "B's" not Bee's. The movies we're showing are NOT really good, or "A" movies. They're commonly called "B" movies to indicate the quality. Great article though.