Random Collection #25

Throughout the years of being a Ninja Turtle fan, my collection has been growing.  Every year I get something new that joins the collection.  Growing since 1989, I have over 500 Ninja Turtle toys out of package and over 300 in package, as well as books, animation cels, original comic art, scripts and so much more.  To cover all of this on Cowabunga Corner is not something I really think I can do.  Though I get a lot of questions about my collection, so I figured I could do random stories from time to time to share one item in my collection.

Mutants & Monsters Superhero Candy Games with Ninja Star shaped Candy. This is something that I found awhile ago at Target.  One of those things that will only be in the store for a short time.  Something made for kids to give as gifts to each other.  They have the To and From on the front of the package, along with the candy game and on the back of the package is a maze.

It’s simple, it’s cheap, it’s candy!  I love it!  Not something I see most people holding onto, as there is food inside of the package.  It’s hard candy, so I don’t think it’s going to look bad.  I just do not recommend eating any.  As this product came out in 2006.  All the artwork is based cleary off of the 4Kids TMNT series.  And this only cost 99 cents.  I love how low cost it was, so that people could afford to let their kids share these with their friends.

The Superhero Candy Game was manufactured by Houston Harvest Gift Products LLC.  And at this time the Ninja Turtles were still owned by Mirage Studios.  These are some of the things I enjoy seeing in the store and get most excited about.  Small things that people can enjoy without spending an arm and a leg.  Odd items, that will normally disappear with time.  My goal is to keep this in good shape so if I do get a Museum of some type going, it can be on display and never forgotten.

Did you know of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mutants & Monsters Superhero Candy Games?  If so do you, or did you own it?  Let us know your thoughts on this TMNT Product.  All reviews, comments and questions are welcomed below.

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