Cowabunga Corner #122: LEGO 2013 Toy Review

In this episode I talk about the brand new LEGO TMNT Toy Line.  These toys came out in late 2012 for the 2013 TMNT new toy line by LEGO.  


There is a total of six sets of these awesome toys with playsets, rides and of course characters.  Giving us great characters like Splinter, Shredder, Fishface, Dogpound, Baxter Stockman and two sets of the Turtles themselves along with a lot of Foot Ninjas!  In this review I touch on all six sets.


Honestly until these sets came out, I personally have not touched LEGOs since I was a child.  So I was surprised and amazed at how well these sets were made. Originally the prices at the store had me rethinking getting them, as I don’t have the funds to keep up with such high prices for toys.  Once I opened the packaged and found how well the directions were made, how much detail was given to each character.  The paint job on Splinter alone is just outstanding.  I find myself wanting to get more LEGOs than just TMNT.


For Cowabunga Corner’s website I video taped every set being put together and gave them each their own review.  Some of them are already up on the website and can be found in the Toy review section.  These video reviews shows the creation of each of the sets and gives a short review of my first reaction to them.  All six sets will be released in these type of reviews on the website, as each one deserves the respect of being shown for how great they are.  If you enjoyed learning this about them and would like to find out what else I have to say on the sets, just go to our website and search “LEGO” and you’ll find all of our LEGO stories.


2014 is just around the corner with new sets already starting to show themselves.  Cowabunga Corner will keep up with sharing the new LEGO toys with everyone and look forward to seeing what else is to come.  


Thanks for watching and reading!  Please rate, comment, ask questions or even share your own video reply review of the LEGO TMNT toys here!



Host: Michele Ivey

Camera: Miki Ivey

Editing: Phoenix

Music: “Pink Day” by Voranski


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Donatello19's picture

You'll be happy to know that a second wave of sets is coming in 2014, including  characters such as Karai, Leatherhead and Spider-Bytez! include: Karai's Bike Escape, T-Sub, T-Rawket, The Mutation Station, and even a turtle lair set based on the upcoming movie! Woo!  

Leatherhead's picture

I'm very excited! I can't wait to get Leatherhead! :D