Review: IDW TMNT #2

Issue #2 of the new IDW Comics has just been released. Last time we were left off was with Casey Jones being attacked by his drunk father.  Raphael jumps in to stop this attack, so that is where they pick up right away with the comic.  We get to see a fight between Casey’s father and Raphael.  The father does put up a good fight before getting thrown out of his own house and driving away.  Raphael and Casey now start to talk and make friends, once Casey asks where Raph is from it goes into another flashback of the lab where April O’Neil is working.

This time in the flashback it shows April working and Splinter comes up to her with a disk in his mouth she goes to check it but is attacked by some ninjas who break the disk and kidnap the four Turtles.  By time the police get there the ninjas are gone.  Though Splinter is on their trail. He attacks one of the ninjas, causing them to drop the bag with the Turtles and more. Splinter goes down and gets covered in a ooze that is over the Turtles, as a cat runs by and grabs one of the Turtles getting the ooze on it.

We go to the Turtle’s lair where the other Turtles are talking with Splinter about if they’ll ever find Raphael.  The turtles have given up hope as they lost him a year ago.  Though Splinter is clear that he is not going to give up searching for their lost brother.  Meanwhile, Raph and Casey are making friends.  We learn Raph doesn’t remember his name or where he’s from.

That is a wrapped up summary of this issue, of course. For details, I recommend to pick up the comic and check it out.  Personally though I am still not feeling this new background for the Turtles. Only a year since they got mutated?  They’re not Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, they’re Baby Mutant Ninja Turtles. They haven’t spent their life training, Splinter never really had time to bond with Raphael to care this much about him.  For me, it looses a lot of the depth that I’ve always enjoyed about the Turtles, them growing up as a family.  This is not happening in the story we’re seeing here, so for me at least it’s a bit disappointing.

I liked the art work a lot more in this issue.  There wasn’t a time where I stopped and stared at any image going... eh...  even the flashback art seemed to be getting the feel more down.  Though I still do enjoy Kevin’s layout art for the comics more, I don’t think it’ll distract me from the story.  I do like that the comic is in color, it gives a new feel to the comic to help say that this is not the same comic you’ve read all those years.  And it really is not.

My favorite part of this issue goes to seeing the Turtles and Splinter in their lair, each of the guys doing what they’re known for.  Leo training, Don on the computer and Mikey relaxing with a slice of pizza.  It just shows that they do have a bit of a home life.  There is a small mistake in this part, where it shows that Don is not wearing his face mask while working but in the last image of this group all three turtles have their headbands on.  Just something I noticed there.

I’m really curious as to where Tom Waltz is going with this, as he is making the biggest difference that I’ve ever seen done with the Turtles.  The Turtles growing up as a family together has been one of the biggest pulls to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for a lot of people.  For anyone to take this out of their past, it’s making a bold move and we’ll have to see how it will work out.

I will still hold my final feel for the end of this story arc, but as of right now it feels as if something is missing.

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Wow..Dead On Review. You have a very passionate relationship with the Turtles that rivals many Die Hard Turtle Fans such as myself.

I admit that were missing a sense of Timeline for Splinter and the crew to develope a bond strong enough for them to care so much for each other.

And your correct its a short time for the training to kick in at a level to be equal to the Foot. We will all see soon enough.

I am in this for the long haul as I believe this is going to be the best ever run of the Shells ever to come after the Eastman and Laird days.........


Hi Michele,

I do agree that this version of the comics seem a little off with the character timelines, so i hope they explain it in later issues.

Now one part of the story that i thought would help explain some of Mirage Splinter Origin on how he was able to learn ninjitsu because he was a lab rat that some how got adopted by Hamato Yoshi. What do you think of that idea? It may sound like the Rats of NIMH story, but it would make since.