50/50: Movie Review

Last week I decided to go see 50/50. I’ve heard good things about the film and wanted to see it for myself. The film stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Adam, a young man who goes to the doctor one day to figure out the cause to some pain in his lower back. Lo and behold he has cancer. Throughout the film, Adam’s best friend Kyle, played by the lovable Seth Rogen, tries his best to help his buddy get through this life-shattering ordeal. Just the idea of seeing these two in a movie together was enough to make me want to watch it, but then we get Bryce Dallas Howard as Adam’s girlfriend. I have to admit, I liked her as Gwen Stacy in Spider-Man 3, but I didn’t care much for her here. I knew right off the bat her character was nothing but trouble. There’s a really great scene where Seth Rogen totally chews her out for cheating on Adam, which just cracked me up!


Then we have Angelica Huston as Adam’s overbearing mother. She really stole the show throughout the film, especially at the end. I don’t want to give away what happened, but all I’ll say is it was such an emotional scene, I was close to tears just watching it unfold. Most importantly we have Anna Kendrick as Katie, a therapist in training who is assigned to console Adam. I’ve heard a lot about Miss Kendrick, but I’ve never seen her before, so when I saw that she was in this movie I was looking forward to see her act, and I was pleasantly surprised! She was just so genuine and I could really feel the warmth emulate from her as she tried to help Adam throughout the film.

Last but not least we have two elderly gents undergoing chemo-therapy alongside Adam. One of these old timers is played by Matt Frewer, who I immediately recognized as the grouchy neighbor from Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. The other guy was a character actor I’ve seen here and there in other films. Both of them had great comedic timing here, though sadly we didn’t see much of them.

All in all the chemistry between the actors was just so great and I really felt for them as I watched the movie. It left me wanting to see what would happen next! I strongly recommend this flick to anyone, especially those who have something bringing them down, whether it be a health problem, a relationship gone sour or just your family driving you bat-shit crazy!

Reviewed by Jephael



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