Agent 88 and TMNT

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have dipped their hands into many different medias throughout the years.  Though it’s not often to find so many people who work on TMNT trying to put together one show.  Which is what you got going on right now with a kickstarter project right now.  Agent 88 a show about an 88 year old lady who knows how to kick butt.  This film here is being put together by a great artist Digger who’s bringing together a lot of amazing people, many of which we know as TMNT fans like Ernie Reyes Jr. 

The video here is an interview with Digger and Ernie about his role on the new Agent 88 webseries.  They need help, their kickstarter ends in a few days and they need a lot of help to reach their goal of $88,000!  Their kickstarter has already brought in   $52,269!!!! Though the event is over Wednesday.

Now I mentioned more people involved with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were in this.  And I mean it, Kevin Eastman is not just publishing a book and taking part with the project but he will be in an episode of Agent 88!  Yes, let’s see the co-creator of the TMNT take some time in front of the camera!  Kevin shows how funny he can be in front of a camera.  A good reason to back this project!

Now as well as TMNT guests working on this, we also have TMNT fans.  One of which has some great skills and is even related to Ernie Reyes Jr!  His name is Santino Ramos, and he’s Ernie’s younger brother.  This will be the first the two of them will be appearing the same show!  Santino is not just doing acting for the show but is also one of the editors.  A very talented guy who’s getting his chance.

There is so many other Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle connections this is a show that TMNT fans should be able to stand behind.  Support the guys who’ve been entertaining us for years.  Find out more about Agent 88 here.  And while we know our viewers can not afford a big chunk of money... remember the fact that every little bit helps... the closer they get to their goal, more will be willing to jump in and push it just a little further!

If you do decide to help check out their rewards.  Unlike Cowabunga Corner they’re putting money into their rewards they got books, autographs, toys, and even hoodies!  So if you’re one of those people who will jump behind something as long as you get something cool in exchange, know that this group is working to give you those cool items!

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