Being Elmo: A Puppeteer Journey

Kevin Clash, a man best known as the voice of Elmo around the world.  His puppet work and voice of that little monster on Sesame Street has won global attention.  His skills as a puppeteer has made him known as one of the greats.  For Ninja Turtle fans, we know him as Splinter in the first two Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle films.  Dinosaur fans know him as The Baby.  Though his history and story about working with puppets go long before any of these characters were brought to the scene.

This kind of work with puppets was due to catch some attention.  Which is what happened here, some people working on a documentary decided that they wanted to share Kevin’s story with the world.  Which was the start of “Being Elmo: A Puppeteers Journey”.

“Being Elmo: A Puppeteers Journey” is about the life of Kevin Clash, where he was raised, how he got into puppets, how he started making his own puppets and how all of that lead him to a dream.  An adventure that many people would only wish to have, of following what he loves and making it his life.  A life worth sharing with the world, with so many wonderful twists and turns.

Some of my favorite parts include how he met Kermit Love, a puppet designer for Jim Henson.  When this moment came in the movie I felt my heart just warm right up to it, as my eyes watered up with so many memories so close to this in my own head.  Of people in the industry bringing me in to show me the ropes of where things are done.  I knew this feeling, so my excitement grew for him just getting to go there.  At the same time, I only wish that I could of gotten to go and see this as well.  Kermit was an amazing guy and really came through for Kevin.

I have met a handful of puppeteers from Henson’s and I can say the same about each of them.  They are people who are worth getting to know, you want to sit and hear their tales of working with the Muppets, always so open with big hearts.  Hearing them talk at panels and conventions, their stories and how they know to word everything just right.  These are the people who make the dreams and at that point in the film, you see his dream is on the right road to going where he wants to be.

Kermit brought Kevin in for a Muppet job in a Parade, which is when Kevin got to meet Jim Henson.  What an honor for anyone into puppets, one people these days could only dream of doing.

Though Kevin was paving his own road with his talent alone.  As he was able to do local filming for a TV show, which lead him to Captain Kangaroo and so much more.  His talents showed through, as an amazing person that people wanted in their crews.  A puppeteer who was noticed for being great!  And he got to full film his dreams.

Really as much as I sit here and try to think of how to describe this film, of why to tell people to go see it, of why I think this small release to theaters should be turned into a full release to theaters around the world, I sit and try to tell myself what to say, but the truth is... I can not find words to put down to describe the tears that flowed down my cheeks, the smile that covered my face, the breath being stolen right from me with every touching moment.  This movie is a masterpiece.  Not just for fans of the puppet world, but for anyone who has had a dream.

I share here a video interview with the people behind “Being Elmo: A Puppeteer Journey”.

I hope that everyone gets the chance to see this film. If you have seen this film please do share a review below.  If not, check this website to see if “Being Elmo” is coming to your town.

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I really loved this amazing film with all my heart, and your review captures that perfectly. Kevin is a truly awesome performer and is carrying the torch for good Ol' Jim. I miss Jim. we really need him now in this dark time. Here's a tribute art piece I made of Jim a while back! If you look close enough, his beard is a muppet too! :D Great review Michele!

Elmo is stops in this house My granddaughter and I have spend much time together enjoying his videos It is time spent that is a precious memory in my life.