Blind Bag Video Review

Earlier this month we asked for people to vote if I open a piece in my collection.  The Blind bag TMNT toy given to me at Toy Fair when I visited the Playmates Toys booth.  In the poll we got 80% votes towards opening the blind bag toy for a toy video.  With this I put together this video of me opening the toy for a short video review.

I do like miniature TMNT toys and have a few that I have collected over the years.  Most of which are not even from the United States as I got some german tiny Turtle toys from the original cartoon series.  I also have some blind toys that were inside Turtle shells with candy that was also from overseas.  Really cool  stuff comes from around the world, so keep your eyes open on ebay and other pages to see what’s out there.

Hope everyone enjoys the video review!  


Entertainment Earth



Where did you get the fruit snacks? 

Michele Ivey's picture

The Fruit Snacks are at Wal-Mart ;)

Donatello19's picture

I found mine at A&P. Have you tried them yet? They're actually pretty good.

Leatherhead's picture

Congrats on getting a Turtle in your bag! That's an awesome Spy Vs. Spy Vs. Splinter Vs. Shredder shirt. :)

Donatello19's picture

Nice review Michelle! Although I like blind bags, I'm not sure if I would pick these up. The paint work looks very sparse one them. I'd atleast get one, but I don't know if I'd get a full set. By the way, have you heard the news about Casey Jones in the Nickelodeon series?

Michele Ivey's picture

Yes heard the news, getting more curious on who Corey Feldman is going to play ;) ; Will write more about it after San Diego Comic Con when we learn more.

Good Turtle Fan's picture

Voted to just put in the collection, now she's gotta have to have 'em all.  Typical!