Bullies - My Beginning


Bullies, something I’ve touched upon a few times here on Cowabunga Corner and about the history that I’ve been through. Every story has its beginning and for me it, it started all the way back in kindergarten. One boy had the power to influence my call and beyond.  Though I do not think he ever realized that it would go in the direction that things ended up going.  I will always remember the beginning being some of the hardest times for me.  In this story, I will call him JR.

We were new in town when I entered the kindergarten class at Wilson Elementary, moving from living in the country where we had one neighbor and a party store in walking distance.  People would ride their horses up to the store.  Ferndale seem like a big town to me, rows of houses all down a street.  No lakes or wooded areas.  It was very new, though I was still just a normal girl.  I was into cartoons, my favorites were Care Bears and My Little Pony.  My family was into shows like the Three Stooges and The Muppets, so I knew those well.  And with a family so close, the most important thing I knew was family respected and liked each other.  I had no reasons to fear anyone who was a family member.

My teacher told me of JR, on my first day in kindergarten.  JR is a cousin of mine. I got excited to think I had family in the class.  So I went around the class looking for JR, though he lied saying that wasn’t him the first time I went around the class.  I told the teacher nobody is responding to the name she sent me to find, so she pointed him out to me.  I went up to try and talk to him, though he got mad and said he does not have any girl cousins.  I thought not much of it and went on my way, a happy kid who loved to make friends.  I made two friends in that class, though most of the class turned their back on me.  These two girls were awesome, we called ourselves the Three Stooges when we would hang out.   JR and his friends would mock and pick on me, but that did not bother me too much.  It was only the beginning.

The kids found it fun to pick on me, though at the time I didn’t know much about bullies and never wanted to fight.  So it did not occur to me that these mean name callings could turn into something much worse.  The other kids of the school did start to realize, and much like a pack of wild animals, they choose a side before there was even a real battle.  By first grade, one of my friends left me, saying she no longer wanted to be picked on.  We were no longer the Three Stooges.  So my other friend and I took on a different duo of trouble makers, the Care Bear cubs, Hugs and Tugs.

In second grade, life got really lonely.  My other friend was now in another classroom, leaving me in a room of cold faces and no friends.  It was around this time that I started to fear school.  While the fighting did not start yet, I was being picked on.  I was getting scared of the other kids.  I would hide at lunch and recess to just be alone.  I would try to hang around the teachers.  I was tired of being mocked and being alone.  I did not think things could get worse than this, it felt so bad as it was in school.  But JR’s friends were not happy enough with making me feel this bad, things were doomed to get worse.

In third grade, the worse started up.  The kids of my class, of that school, turned to violence.  It was never just one or two kids, it was groups of children.  At that time JR was in the lead.  I could not do anything about it.  No one was on my side.  The only friends I had were the little kids who lived down the street from my house, but were much younger than I and not even in school yet.  It was at this time that I found myself starting to enjoy more things that were not known for girls, like He-Man, Ghostbusters, and ThunderCats.  Most of my friends were boys and these were the shows we watched.

One thing was clear to me, I did not want to be like the other kids my age.  I did not care what they liked, what was cool, or who they cared about.  I bought a poster at the time of a bunch of all white cats and a dalmatian.  It read “In a world of Copycats, be an Original”.  That made sense to me, and I wanted to live by it.  All of these kids were attacking me, all because one boy, did not want to believe he had a female cousin.

JR remained the leader of these kids during the early years of the fights.  Though he either got bored of it or just drifted away.  By time he did stop joining in the attacks it was too late, there were new leaders who appeared, including Pain.  The peace that I wished for was not going to come my way.  But it all started because of a boy who’s so far away from me in relation that I’ve only seen him at very few family gatherings.  I do not know, or care where he is these days.  I bet the same feeling is towards me.

Really I never did learn why JR was so against a female cousin.  I do know that his mother was nice as they lived not far from us.  At one point I did not realize that a boy I was hanging out with was JR.  I am not always the best with faces and a kid started to hang out with my brother and I.  He later made fun of me for not realizing it was him.  To know or understand his actions is beyond me.  I would like to think he’s not a bad guy.  Though the troubles he caused me is a part of my history I can never forget.

Please read “History of being Bullied” to learn where it went from here.


Have you ever been bullied?  Has a family member ever bullied you?  Please share your thoughts, comments or questions below.  All email addresses are kept private.

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