CCI 2015 Nickelodeon TMNT Panel


One of the events I look most forward to each year is the Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Panel at San Diego Comic Con International.  They always share awesome character designs for the upcoming season, bring in the voice actors and producers and share lots of fun stuff.  These panels have been at Comic Con International since 2012.  This year they did something different, it is the first year that they brought in someone from outside of Nickelodeon to Moderate the panel having Andre from Black Nerd Comedy.  Here’s the panel and my review of the panel.

I personally liked the change of bringing Andre in to host the panel, as it gave the group of panelist an outside voice that felt like it was there for the fans.  Andre is a huge fan of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, he reviews their episodes on his youtube channel, has a TMNT collection and goes to events.  To see a fellow fan up there working the panel made this the coolest Nickelodeon TMNT Panel to date.  No mistakes from people who work the show, but don’t know the other series.  New questions that real fans would ask the voice actors.  While still being a face a lot of the fans know and love hearing from.

The beginning of the panel was great as it started with a video of Andre doing one of his Ninja Turtle episodes till he realizes that he’s not on youtube.  He comes out from backstage wearing the same shirt that he had on for the video.  Very well planned out and a funny way to start the panel.  He did all the introductions and kept the crowd pulled into what was going on up on stage.

High lights from the panel was characters coming back to Turtles like Zog and Mona Lisa, getting to see their character design and for Zog part of his episode.  We also got the honor of sitting through the script that was written for Comic Con.  A great little episode of the Turtles at Comic Con, based on facts from the 2015 Comic Con with things they were mentioning.  A script that can truly only work at this one event.  Which made it awesome for the fans there.

I hope that they keep on the theme of putting fans up there that know the series real well.  If it’s Andre again, or another local blogger that can go in and work things out with Nickelodeon before the event.  It showed to be a panel fun and informative, which will only help get fans more excited about it each year.  I am curious if they’re thinking about doing something like this for New York Comic Con this year and their TMNT panel.

Overall a wonderful panel, of course people can see that by watching!  If you want to see some of the video from the panel please check out Andre’s video here from his experience with Comic Con 2015.  

One of the neat things was at the end of the panel the guests gave away their scripts signed to fans in the crowd.  I was able to get Seth Green’s script for Leonardo, he handed it to me.  A Big Thank You to Seth!  I loved getting to look it over, and hope to have this on display at some of the events I do for other fans to be able to enjoy as well.

Did you go to the TMNT Panel at Comic Con International?  What did you enjoy most from the panel?  Please share your reviews, comments and questions below.


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