CCN: Toy Fair TMNT Colorforms Interview



Every year February brings an excitement across the air as toy lovers rejoice in the awesome world of Toy Fair news.  Companies sharing their products from dolls, action figures to puzzles and books.  This event has a little something for everyone, just a matter of finding what you love in such a maze of businesses big and small.  Some of these toys have been around for years, while others are just getting into the game.  Here on Cowabunga Corner we want to bring event coverage, reviews and interviews of Toy Fair to fellow fans cover Turtles and non Turtles alike to help spread the love of toys!  Here is one of our interviews, this is a company that has been around longer than I can remember and has touched the lives of billions, Colorforms!

Back in the early 1990’s I remember getting this yellow box from Colorforms with TMNT characters all over it.  This became my favorite Colorforms set from my childhood.  When I learned that Colorforms was picking up the Nickelodeon series I did get excited, I saw some of it a few years ago at Toy Fair, but did not get to cover the booth at that time.  This year, I got an invite and knew this was something of interest to me.

I was impressed when I got there to learn that the company was just bought out recently, with new owners bringing forth their love for the original Colorforms with new ideas to keep bringing things out for future generations to enjoy.  In this interview, we learn a bit about the changes with Colorforms and see some of the new TMNT Products coming out.  We also learn about an interesting party costume idea.

I can’t wait to see these on the market and will keep everyone up to date on what and where as I learn!  Make sure to follow me on instagram, Facebook, and twitter to keep up with all of the Cowabunga Corner news as it happens. 

Did you have Colorforms as a kid?  Do you still collect Colorforms?  Let us know your thoughts, comments and questions below!


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