Close Call : Hit & Run

Life has an adventure around every corner and sometimes you can be pulled into a scene that feels like it was in a movie.  A few years ago, I had a close call while driving down an expressway I use everyday.  I just picked up a friend, Eclipse, to come over for the weekend.  As we were heading back to my house down Interstate 696, I was riding in the right lane not too far from my house.  It was a cool weathered day with no snow on the ground that March 24th, 2006 when our night was turned into a nightmare

8:43 pm Eastern time, driving Westbound on I 696, going towards I-75, Eclipse and I were in a hit and run accident. Both of us are lucky to say that we were not injured and I want to make that clear before sharing the story and pictures.

I had just got home from Phoenix's house that day. I came home for the "Radio Disney" TMNT Tour that was taking place the following day here in the Detroit area. After getting home I spent some time up in my room watching X-Men, updating things on my computer, and waiting for Eclipse to be dropped off. Though before I heard from her, my folks called asking if I wanted to go out for dinner. We went to Chili's Restaurant.

After that I called Eclipse.  Her dad wasn't up for the drive and she was kind of hinting for me to pick her up. So I offered since I wanted to spend time with my friend. I went and picked her up, she lives maybe about 30 miles from my house. I got on 696 going east to 94, and her exit is near there. So I went, not like I haven't been on the road a lot. It was no big deal. I drove to her place and picked her up.  We even stopped by a store so she could pick up a few things. I goofed around in the store, which I believe was a Walgreens.

Once back on the road, we talked a little and decided we were heading to Shadow Wolf’s place to watch the newest episode of 4Kids TMNT. So this meant I was going to be taken 696 to I-75 to Shadow Wolf’s exit, which was the same exit I use to live off of. We were nearing I-75, I was in the middle lane.  I remember the radio being on as I just turned on the "Coming Out of Their Shells" sound track and had to hit fast forward because it was the end of side one of the tape. Just then a red Ford truck in the left lane came into my lane cutting me off.  I slowed down and hit the horn, though it was too late.  The back side of the truck hit us.

The area that hit was around the back right tire of the truck to my front left bumper. I couldn't slow down any more, not with it holding onto my car.  I saw debris start to fly by me, as the truck then swerved back into the lane it was coming from, ripping my bumper off of the front of my car.  We watched as the bumper went over the car. Just then I heard "Walk straight! Walk Straight!". I hit the radio off and got to the right lane, to watch the red truck speed off. I don't know how many times I hit my horn while he was pulling us down the highway.

I got out of my car and when I saw the damage I about freaked out.  This is my baby, my dream car, something I've wanted all of my life and I take care of like no one would believe. That jerk just totally trashed it and took off!!!! I can't say how pissed I was about this, or how shaken up I was that night. Eclipse got out of the car and saw it, she went and sat on the hill. I saw the shock in her eyes as well. I called my mom, she had me call 911 where I reported it and they sent a police car.

After taking the pictures, I went and got a warmer to drop into my sleeve since my right arm wasn't helping me feel any better as RSD hates the cold, then I sat next to Eclipse, hoping to help her relax.  Though I couldn't stay sitting there. So I called Shadow Wolf and told her we're not coming over, then I called Phoenix and let her know what happened as well. Then I called my mom saying I'm feeling very sick out there waiting for the police.  Just then, the officer showed up.

They told us to stay in the car, while they wrote up the report. Though while we were sitting there, a red van pulled up and stopped in front of us.  A guy got out of the van and walked by looking at us in the car, he went towards the police car. He came back to us and I rolled the window down a little. He asked me what's going on.

"A Hit and Run... police is writing it up." I kept the door closed and locked.  I didn't know this guy. He went back to the police officer and talked to him. We sat in the car.  I didn't know if the guy was lost needing directions or what.  I was too shaken up to really care who he was, I didn't know what was going to happen.

My mom called just as the tow truck showed up and the officer told Eclipse and I to get into the car with him. The red van left. I went and sat down in the passenger seat next to the officer, and he told me that the guy who pulled over was a witness to the whole thing and chased down the red truck that hit me. He got a hold of the guy's license plate number, and described the car to the police officer. The plate number was not a real plate number, so the officer believes that the truck was stolen with a fake plate put on it.

He said we were very lucky, just the night before there was another accident just like this that happened further down on 696 and two people were killed.  The car that was hit and rolled over. So we were very lucky that I kept control of the car. He gave us a ride home and even came in to talk to mom and dad.

After the officer left, my mom called AAA and put in the report. The deductible is $400 that I had to have to pay to have the repairs done. Talk about feeling worse upon what already happened, having to come up with an extra $400 when my family was already talking about the fact that we may be losing our house because we could not afford to live here anymore. Just when we think we get that straightened out this happens.  Though lucky for me some good friends came together and helped pay the $400 and I got the bug back.

It has never been the same since that night.  It breaks down a lot more often with new problems all the time.   I blame the guy who hit me, though he was never found.

I’m very thankful that both Eclipse and I made it out of this accident without being hurt at all.  I still drive on that road a lot and the memory of this event is one I have not forgotten.  I think the person who did this to me was a thrill seeker, and could've been the same person who flipped the car the previous night.  I do not know if this kept up after that night, as these type of stories do not make the news.

Have you ever had a hit and run?  Please feel free to share your stories, comments and questions in the area below.

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