Comic Con International 2015 TMNT Panels

Comic Con International is still going.  And for those who are at Comic Con and are big TMNT fans, today is the best day to be here.  As this has some of the best Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Panels.  Now that I’ve talked about everything else, today is all about sharing some of the cool stuff going on for TMNT fans here at Comic Con 2015.

Friday July 10th we have two amazing panels.  Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with the staff from the Nickelodeon series.  And best of all it’s hosted by Andre from Black Nerd Comedy!  With cast and crew members this panel always proves to be fun.  With sneak peeks for the season to come and a lot of fun jokes.  By going to both New York Comic Con and San Diego Comic Con TMNT panels ran by Nickelodeon, this is the better one to be at.  As the full panel is packed with information fans can enjoy.  I can not wait for this panel!

Now directly after the panel they normally have their autograph sessions down at the Nickelodeon booth.  This is getting tricky though, because last year and again this year it conflicts with another Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles event.  Last year it was the 30 Years of TMNT Panel.  If you went to the autograph session, you were going to miss the panel.  This year, it’s the TMNT Playmates Toys Panel.  Make your choice wisely here.  The Nickelodeon panel is at 11:45am which means it’ll be getting out around 12:45pm.  That is enough time to go and get into the TMNT Playmates Toys panel, but not enough time to both the autograph session and the toy panel.  Really sucks for us fans who wish to do all things TMNT.

There are a few other TMNT panels through the weekend, most of which is TMNT related because of the guests within the panel.  Though on Saturday there is the IDW TMNT Panel.  This should be a lot of fun as people are going to have questions about Donatello and where that series is going.  If you’ve not been keeping up with IDW comic book series for Ninja Turtles you’re missing out on some amazing adventures.  Usually TMNT is mixed into the IDW panel, but this year it got it’s own panel!  You don’t want to miss it!

The big question is, will there be a panel for the TMNT 2016 Movie at Comic Con International this year.  That question is yet to be answered, last year it was not marked as TMNT.  You had to go to the Paramount Pictures panel, we were lucky that they had some stuff on Ninja Turtles there including bringing some of the cast on stage.  I know I will be checking the schedule with a fine tooth comb to learn what I can while at Comic Con, though my updates about this will be after Comic Con is over.  It would be cool to have another Ninja Turtles Movie Panel.

When I go to Comic Con International I make sure to go with one main goal, which is to go each of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle events that I can.  I know that no one can make it to everything, buy everything, and meet everyone.  In which case I do wish all TMNT fans the best of luck in achieving their goals at Comic Con. 

If you’re not at Comic Con this weekend, please do watch online for the panels.  Most fans are happy to share what they do record, including those of us here at Cowabunga Corner.  Wish we could share more.  Keep an eye on the Cowabunga Corner Instagram, Facebook or Twitter for updates from Comic Con!

Did you go to any of the TMNT events at Comic Con International 2015?  Which events?  And how did you pick and choose which events to attend?  All reviews, comments and questions welcomed below!

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