Convention Guide Part 1

This is a guide of how I handle conventions.  This is not saying it’s the right away to go around conventions as everyone enjoys conventions for different reasons.  Though my reasons for creating my own little guide is to get to see and meet guests, hang out with friends, and learn as much as I can with spending as little as possible.

Part 1: Deciding on going to the Event.

Whenever I start planning my trips I first search up all the events I can for guests that I have not met, or have made friends with and would like to see again.  After I get the events listed out I look at it in terms of which conventions would be affordable for me.  Usually conventions within a 13 to 16 hour driving distance wins me over the fastest, since I can get there cheaper than going to a convention across country.  After I narrow it down to the realistic list of conventions I could try and make it to, I list those conventions on the TMNT-L forums.

On the TMNT-L Forums I watch to see if other members say they’re going to the event.  If members say they’re going, I ask if we can make it a meet up and if I know the members well enough I see if they would like to split the cost of a hotel room.  The big events like New York City Comic Con or San Diego Comic Con International have more people that go to them, so it’s more likely to find friends to help.  Though if no friend decides to go to the event, I debate some more if I really need to go to that event.

Now it’s time to start planning the trip.  I work out how much money I need, what I’m doing about sleeping and where my food is coming from.  I usually have to eat less on a trip so that I can afford everything else.  So to help out in that area I buy my food from Sam’s Club before hitting the road, so that while I can’t afford much I at least have something.  I usually pack my stuff up in my room a week in advance to the event so it’s easy to leave the day of without forgetting anything important.

This is also the time when I watch the website of the convention for event and schedule updates, so that I can try and plan my weekend out in advance.  I like to go in knowing what is going on, since each convention is different and there’s many different groups of people to hang out with.  From the shoppers, the dealers, the artist, the cosplayers, to the panelist, know what you are going to this convention for and if you want to sample a little bit of everything, hope that the event is small enough to do just that.

Next time on Convention Guide Part 2, I will have a bit more to share as I’ll go over arriving at the convention. This guide is from my own personal travels, I usually go to six to twelve conventions a year.  Everyone goes to conventions for different reasons, so everyone treats how they handle a con differently.

What are some reasons you would choose to go to a convention?  Please share with us in the comment section below.

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