Convention Guide Part 2

This is a guide of how I handle conventions.  This is not saying it’s the right away to go around conventions as everyone enjoys conventions for different reasons.  Though my reasons for creating my own little guide is to get to see and meet guests, hang out with friends, and learn as much as I can with spending as little as possible.

Part 2: Planning your weekend

When going to a convention it’s important to note that there are many different type of convention goers, there are the buyers and sellers, the cosplayers and artists, the panelist and staffers.  So once going in I usualy want to know just what it is that I am there for.  Going over a schedule with a highlighter usually helps.  Sometimes a convention will have this posted on their website in advance, though most of the time they don’t.

First, I go through the schedule and mark down everything that has my interest.  Then check to see if any of these events conflict with each other.  If there is conflicting events, I decide which ones I want to go to more..  After I work out my schedule, I write it down on a piece of paper, the name of the panel, with notes I want to remind myself why I want to go to that panel, the time and the room name or number.

Now is the time when I would go over the map to see where each of my panels are.  Now depending on the size of the convention I have to cut some off of my list.  Let’s say I’m looking at San Diego Comic Con International, the place is so large and there’s long lines for all of the panel rooms.  So I would plan 2 to 3 hours for one panel, unless my panels are back to back in the same room.  Though if I’m looking at a smaller convention like Motor City Comic Con, I can leave one panel and get to the next one without having a line.  So the size of the convention will depend on how many events I go to.  And what really stinks is the larger conventions, where we get to go to less of the events, usually cost a lot more than the smaller conventions.

Now that I have my events planned out for the weekend, I let my friends know my schedule so they can find me through out the weekend.  This planning is usually done in line to get convention badges so friends are together to share what they’re doing.  Once we get the badges we will split our own ways to take part in what ever it is that we choose to be at the convention for.

Next time on Part 3, I talk about being at the convention for only guests and panels.

Do you plan your conventions by the schedule or just go with the flow?  Let us know how you plan your conventions in the comment area below.

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