Convention Tales: Toronto Fan Expo 2005

With all the conventions that I go to, I’d like to share some fun memories from different conventions.  This time it’ll be a day at Toronto Fan Expo in 2005.  I met up with some friends for the event and even made some new friends at this convention, who I still hang out with to this day.

When we got in the convention, I knew immediately right where I wanted to head. Though before leading my friends there, we stopped at Stylin Online. Most anytime I talk about a T-Shirt booth it's them, be it Motor City Comic Con or Toronto Con. These are the same people with wonderful TMNT shirts that I want!  Though at this convention I had all of their TMNT Shirts, so I let Zip and Fae look around.  Fae did buy some things, though to my surprise she didn't get any of the TMNT Shirts. She was more after Angel from Buffy, because of her Saturday event, she paid extra money to see the actor who plays him.  After they finished looking over the booth, we went towards the voice actor area to meet up with who was there.

Now my pain in the shell this day was the HUGE suit case I was bringing around with me.  It was the safest way I could think of traveling with the Leonardo TMNT 3 head I brought with me.  So he was placed in a box in this suit case.   So I'm walking around with this huge suit case behind me, which trust me was a real pain in the shell.  We got to the Voice Actor area to only see Kirby Morrow.   Scott McNeil was not there yet and Richard Cox wouldn't be there till Saturday, as well.   So the plans of getting their autographs were shot.  So I went through the back pack and got out the things that I brought for Kirby to sign.  I stood there as we video taped a good part of the line time.  He was sitting there signing stuff, goofing around, and taking photos with the fans.  Once I got up there, I got him to read a line from the script "All in the Family".   I almost forgot how different his Michaelangelo voice is compared to all of the other Michaelangelo's out there. Though the more he talked the more I remembered it from the show.

After that we went and saw the Mirage Crew. We stood around there for awhile because I had the Leonardo head and wanted to wait until Peter wasn't too busy.  Though I'm proud to say that the Mirage Crew seemed to keep busy most of the time we were there.  It was great to see so many people happy about Ninja Turtles.  A lot of people stopped to take pictures of the Leonardo head, and this is when Kusanivy, a friend from TMNT-L, surprised me as Nightcrawler.  So I got to say hi to her.

Once I saw Jim Lawson, I went over and gave him a hug, saying it was good seeing him again.  It was really nice getting to stand around talk to the guys and see how they're all doing.   They had so much stuff I wanted to buy there.  I really wish I could have afforded something from each of the guys. I do enjoy supporting them while they're there.  Though I was on a very fixed spending limit.   I bought a piece from Eric.  Oh and I got a laugh from Jim Lawson when I had him sign the one comic I complain the most about. He even put a sad TMNT face on it (I felt that Tales of TMNT #9 brought Michelangelo really out of character... heh).  After pestering the guys for awhile, Peter finally got a little bit of time to come over and sign Leonardo.  I put him back in the suit case and got Peter to sign the other stuff I brought for him to sign.

I also had to ask Peter if I could get a drawing of Donatello for Donatello from TMNT-L, best known on the internet as HorseTechie or HorseTurtle, Peter said he doesn't do full body sketches at conventions anymore.  So it was a no.  Though we might be in luck, cause he had some art from a few years ago. Sure enough he had a Leo, Mikey, and Donatello.  I asked how much for all three and he said $100. I didn't have $100,   so than I turned around and asked him for the price on Mikey and Donny.  Still more than I could afford.  I left that day without the two sketches, knowing I was going to have to ask my mom for help.   Before leaving the convention I went back to the autograph line and got in line to meet up with Kirby Morrow again.

During this autograph line I learned that Kirby Morrow is also Goku in Dragon Ball!!!!  I didn't know that!!!!!!!!  I'm also a Dragon Ball fan and I didn't bring anything for him to sign.  So I was a bit down, though a guy in line gave me a card with Goku on it. I was able to get that signed.  This time in line I got Kirby to also signed my German NT:TNM Calandar.  I also asked for him to do a group shot with us when he was done signing.  He agreed to do that, so we waited around and did a group picture.   During the group picture time I took out the Leonardo head, which caught Brad Swaile’s attention.  He had to come over and look at it.  I've met Brad before, he was Moose in Ranma 1/2 and I saw him last October here in Michigan so I didn't bring anything for him to autograph this year.

That was the end of our day at the convention.  I did end up buying the two sketches from Peter Laird that weekend, the Michelangelo sketch is kept safe in my sketch portfolio that has art work from the Mirage crew and other TMNT artist.  If you want to see other peoples reports of this convention, please read the post on TMNT-L.  That is where I do most of my Convention reviews at with friends.  We shared photos and stories in the memory section of the forum.

If you enjoyed this, please do keep an out as we will share more tales of Conventions, here on Cowabunga Corner!

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