Cowabunga Corner #102: Interview Mark Ginther

Hey everyone,

Welcome to episode 24 of Cowabunga Corner Season 4.  In this episode I do an interview with Mark Ginther, the man who wore the Rahzar costume.  Mark has never been interviewed for this role before, so it was a real honor to get to talk to him here on Cowabunga Corner.  Let him share his stories of being Rahzar.

We all have to send a big thank you to Nick Palma for helping us get a hold of Mark!  Thanks to him we got this interview, and thanks to Mark we got the interview with Kurt.  These guys really helped pull everyone together for these interviews and each of them were a blast to talk too.

If you have never heard of Mark Ginther before check up his IMDB page and find out just how many amazing hits he’s worked on, including in these recent years!  His list of films is very impressive.

Next time on Cowabunga Corner: Season 1 of the 4Kids series!

Editing: Phoenix
Host: Michele Ivey
Camera: Miki

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