Cowabunga Corner #103: 4Kids TMNT Season 1

Hey everyone,

Welcome to episode 25 of Cowabunga Corner Season 4.  In this episode I talk about the first season of the 4KidsTMNT series.  This series started in 2003 with a 26 episode season, which was a blend of the Mirage Comics, original cartoon series and TMNT movies.  With hints and tidbits that lead back to each of those series while still giving this show a flavor all it’s own.

What I like about the 4Kids series is just how much of a story there is to it.  While it goes through these one by one episodes you have this underline story with the Foot and just how much the Shredder is tangled in the Turtles life.  You get new villains and friends, you get to see new and old twists on characters.  And while the show is seen as darker, there is still a lot of humor taken from both the original series and movies that can be found.  Overall I love the outcome of this series.

Hope everyone enjoys this video review of Season 1.  I’ll break down and do more like episode reviews over time, but first want to get the over views out of each season so when I do the episode  reviews I’ll have something to refer back too.  This is our second 4Kids video, as I also did an episode in season 1 that covered the 4kids series as a whole.

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Editing: Phoenix
Host: Michele Ivey
Camera: Miki

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