Cowabunga Corner #105: Fan Questions

Hey everyone,

Welcome to episode 27 of Cowabunga Corner Season 4.  A bonus episode that we did to Thank everyone who helped us reach our goal on kickstarter.  In this episode I answer questions asked by the fans on Cowabunga Corner facebook page.   I also take a time to give some fast answers to questions that are generally asked a lot on youtube.

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With this season of Cowabunga Corner over, we will not have a fresh episode of Cowabunga Corner till June.  Though we still have Cowabunga Corner News and Ivey Flashbacks that will be here on youtube. On our website we will still have daily stories being posted, as well as Cowabunga Corner reviews of some of the new stuff coming out.  We have plenty of videos and stories still to share that will be posted between now to the beginning of Season 5.

THANK YOU!  To everyone who helped us out on kickstarter!

Editing: Phoenix
Host: Michele Ivey
Camera: Michele Ivey

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