Cowabunga Corner 108: Review Carter & Dregg

Welcome to episode 3 of Cowabunga Corner Season 5.  In this episode I share my review of the characters Carter and Dregg from the original TMNT Cartoon Series.  I have to admit, I’m not very kind to them as these two characters are at the bottom of the list for me.  They were brought in from people at CBS and became the main focus of the cartoon show.  I remember watching the new episodes as they aired on TV and hating it.  To the point that I was no longer excited to see TMNT, it became the Carter and Dregg show.

I have done some research into this.  Talking with David Wise, the lead writer for the original TMNT cartoon series, I learned back in 1997 about the people from CBS pulling the strings here.  I have not spoke to anyone who worked at CBS during this time, it would be interesting to learn why they felt they needed to add something like this.  I am thankful that there was never any merchandise for these characters like toys or coloring books.

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Good Turtle Fan's picture

Iveytello didn't  like a couple throw away characters.   Clearly I should like 'em just out of spite of the Rita Repulsa of this wide world of Turtle Fandom.  Oh sorry if you weren't reading every single Usenet post in 1995 you're no good here.  Ives would have had to spend her milk money on 2 Great figures.  Since I too value and treasure the dusty old cartoon I too cried at night after being traumatized. Yay CBS!

Donatello19's picture

Michelle have you hard the news/seen the design of the 2012 version of Slash? He's a mutated version Spike!