Cowabunga Corner 112: Review of TMNT 1

Welcome to episode 7 of Cowabunga Corner Season 5.  In this episode I give my review of the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie.  For me this is my favorite movie, as I love the plot, characters and the costumes.  The costumes were amazing in this film as Jim Henson is one of the best artist.  This is why I think they need to do more live action films with the Henson Company.

The first movie is a nice mixture between the original comic books and the classic cartoon series.  With things that both adults and children can enjoy.  These Turtles could do their Ninja actions, talk and eat pizza.  They were believable even when you knew they were costumes.  I was 11 years old when I first saw this movie, and it still blows me off my feet that they did all of this without any CGI!

Next time on Cowabunga Corner: Interview with Rob Paulsen (Original Raphael)

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Good Turtle Fan's picture

That's a snap case or a snapper.  This was one of the better episodes.  Thanks for the heads up on the commentary.  Didn't know it existed and I like to track down everything like Gaia and Collector's Quest.

theghostinyou's picture

The first movie is amazing.  I am a few years younger than you.  I was in kindergarten when the movie came out, but it still blew my little child's mind.  The turtle costumes were amazing.  The story was great.  The actors were great.  It made me love Elias koteas.  Whatever I see him in, he will always be Casey jones to me.  Splinter was wise/cute/very father like and the puppetry work was top notch.  Kevin clash was perfect.  I don't care what people say about how they look, to me they are real.  The suits and puppets in this film are just so amazing to me, even to this day I think they look spectacular.  Yeah, there are a few bloopers here and there, but I would take these Jim Henson suits over any cgi garbage they make now any day of the week.  I also heard the new tmnt film is going to be cgi motion capture instead of physical suits.  Is that true? If so that's horrible news.  My ONLY complaint with the first film is the scene with splinter in his cage doing ninja moves.  I know it's based more on the comic book, but I just find that utterly cheesy.  I think if anything to be taken from the cartoon, it would have been that splinter was human first.  I know that the idea of 4 talking turtles in itself is entirely unrealistic, but I believe the story anyway.  Making splinter a ninja kicking rat in a cage sorta takes away the seriousness and realism for me.  I think it also makes splinters character more relatable and tortured.  That he had once been normal and now is trapped this way.  Also seeing the baby turtles saying "pizza" and "radical" etc.  I find those scenes a bit silly and childish in an otherwise very dark/adult comic movie.  Other than that it is an amazing movie.  I love that it's a bit dark and adult. It just makes it that much more believable/enjoyable to me.  The technology/storyline/acting and most importantly, turtle suits got so much worse as time went on.  It's sad that the studios had more money, but cheaped out in so many ways.  They didn't even care about the fans.  We all know how horrible the suits were in the 3rd film.  Splinter is a hand puppet, you don't even see his lower half!!  And don't get me started on the voice actor.  That movie is an insult to the true fans.  It's just sad that the earlier film is bounds better than the newer ones.  It really goes to show you the dedication and love that was involved in the first one.  I don't know about you, but I get tearie eyed when splinter is talking to ralphael after he comes in late and when Leo is looking over him in the tub AND when they're all sitting by the fire when splinter appears to them.  I don't get a feeling that even comes close to that with the other sequels.  Great great movie, still to this day.this is my first (and very long winded) post on cowabunga corner.  I guess it's fitting my first post being about the first film though, hehe.  I'm with you Michele.  It's just a great movie.  Enough can't be said.-Billy (the ghost in you)My music: