Cowabunga Corner 115: Mark Bode painting NYC

In this episode Tokka, Miki, Fugitoid and I are in New York City with TMNT Artist Mark Bode.  Mark has worked on the original Mirage Comics and the Archie Comics.  He’s a wonderful artist with a lot more credits under his name and his skill is just amazing.  Here he is painting in the Bronx along with a bunch of other artist who were brought in to each design a section of this large wall.

Mark Bode is one of my favorite artist.  He is very friendly and always a joy to meet up with.  His wife Molly, also worked for Mirage Studios back in the day.  I’ve have the honor to get to know them both over the years, and got to see many of Mark’s original artwork pieces.  While in New York he had a gallery showing, which is what brought him to the city.  We do not have any video of this, though we did go and see the artwork there before heading to the Bronx.

While there’s not much TMNT to this episode of Cowabunga Corner, we find that the talent who have brought the Turtles to life through art, writing and acting are in whole a big part of the TMNT world to this day.  Recently Mark painted a wall at a comic shop with Kevin Eastman in Los Angeles area.  Which is a painting of the cover of Mirage TMNT #1.

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Mark Bode
Host & Camera:
Michele Ivey
Phoenix & Michele
“Pink Day” by Voranski
Thanks to:
Fugitoid, Tokka, & Miki for taking part in this day’s activities. 
And another Thanks to Blu, for taking the time to talk to us while Mark was working.
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