Cowabunga Corner #126 Donatello Character Review

In this episode I talk about Donatello.  He’s one of my top two favorite Turtles and has gone through a lot of changes throughout the different medias.  He originally caught my real attention in the first Turtle movie.  


When I first got on the internet and wanted a Ninja Turtle nickname I decided to go with Donatello instead of Michaelangelo.  The reason I choose Donatello was because the internet was a computer thing and it just felt like it was something more fitted for Donatello.  Since that time the years have changed and so has the internet.  I could totally see Michaelangelo online.  I now have both nicknames, it just depends where you find me which name I am under.  TMNT-L is one of the main places where I go by a Turtle name, which is Michaelangelo.


What are some of your thoughts on Donatello?  Is he your favorite Turtle?  Which version of Donatello do you like best?  Who is your favorite actor who has brought Donatello to life?  Please comment, rate and even share your own video reviews.


Thanks for watching and reading!  


Host: Michele Ivey

Camera: Miki

Editing: Phoenix

Music: “Pink Day” by Voranski

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Leatherhead's picture

I would like to add that the friendship Donatello had with Leatherhead was a very important thing for the both of them in the 4Kids series. They both shared that feeling of unbelonging, as well as an understanding of science. Don was able to show LH his work and work with him to solve problems. LH has shown that Don is very important to him too, and was willing to work with his worst enemies in order to save his life in the Good Genes arc. :)