Cowabunga Corner #128 Fan Interviews #4




In this episode we catch up with more Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fans who get to share their fandom.  


This is something we’ve been doing since Season 2 of Cowabunga Corner, since this blog is for the TMNT fans by the TMNT fans.  The best thing we can do is share as many stories as we can of the awesome people in this fandom.

Recordings for these fan interviews are from 2012 to 2013 at different meetups and events.  With active fans in the internet fandom and fans who just happen to be at the same location as me while I was out with my camera.  All fans are equal.  Giving the same five questions, fans get to express who they are, what they enjoy and share their stories with the fandom.

I will like to thank everyone who has taken part in fan interviews!  It’s always a blast getting to hear about everyone’s fandoms.  From those who welcomed me into their homes, to those who just happen to meet me at events.  This is a fantastic fandom and deserves to be shared!  Thanks for taking the time to share your stories with us!

Do you want to take part in a future Fan Interviews episode of Cowabunga Corner?  Or just get the chance to meet up with me at an event?  It’s easy, just check out the TMNT-L Forums at  I go by the nick Michaelangelo and keep the Events & Meet-up section up to date with different TMNT related events that I will be at.  I usually have my camera, and am always happy to do an interview in between events or while in long lines.

Do you know anyone interviewed in this episode?  Give them a shout out!  Would you like to answer the five questions in a video reply or in the comment section?  Please do!  All answers, comments and questions welcomed below!

Thanks for watching and reading!  


Host: Michele Ivey

Camera: Michele Ivey

Editing: Phoenix

Music: “Pink Day” by Voranski


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i wanna be on here but dont think you will come to dallas

Michele Ivey's picture

I will be in Dallas for the Epic Party next weekend.  If you're going to the party, or would like to meet up briefly on Sunday, let me know.

im only 16 so dont have the money to go

Donatello19's picture

What? No one said Donnie was their favorite? :( He'll always be my favorite turtle...