Cowabunga Corner #130 Fan Bloopers



In this episode we share some of the behind the scenes footage from doing fan interviews.  We have done fan interviews across the country at different events meeting up with cool people who want to share their stories.  Though sometimes different things happen causing us bloopers.

Each of these people were a pleasure to meet and hang out with.  We will be sharing more bloopers from not just me here on Cowabunga Corner, though our guests as well.  Everyone makes mistakes, and sometimes it’s fun to share.  If you enjoy the bloopers go back and find the interviews from these awesome folks to learn their stories.

Have you made bloopers trying to film a video?  Please share your stories!

Thanks for watching and reading!  


Host: Michele Ivey

Camera: Michele Ivey

Editing: Phoenix

Music: “Pink Day” by Voranski

Sponsor: Weird Review

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