Cowabunga Corner #16

In this episode of “Cowabunga Corner” I give my review of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 came out on March 19th, 1993. It did not make it as big as the other movies as the promotion wasn’t as active and the look has changed which discouraged a lot of people from going to see it. Henson’s Creature Shop was a big part of the first two movies and with them out of the picture, it would of taken more hype to get this movie where they would want it. Still it pulled in good size amount of fans to the theaters, as I worked the crowd at the different theaters in the Detroit area I got to see a lot of fans coming and going from the movie who really enjoyed what they saw.

In this review I talk about my likes and dislikes on the characters and plot of the movie. I don’t go into the script, directing or costumes to much in this episode, those will be saved for another blog. I talk about how each character plays a roll in the movie, none is left to the side lines. I also talk of how I enjoyed having a new villain in the movie since we had the Foot in the first two movies.

Please share your reviews either in comments or a video reply. No bashing the movie though, if you don’t like it be creative on telling us why you do not like the movie. I know there’s a mix reaction this movie on who enjoys it and who doesn’t. I hope people have more reasons than just the costumes though, looks are not the only things that break or make a movie. I look forward to seeing your reviews.


Music: “Nothing in Particular” by Rhyn

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