Cowabunga Corner #2

In this episode I cover the tour that took place in 2009 for 25 years of TMNT.

They had a Thomas Bus made into the Turtle Van on the outside. On the Inside, we had a Ninja Turtles Museum with toys, videos, photos, and even storyboard art work. This Tour went across the United States, stopping in cities for meet and greet with fans. This was free to the public, so people could go through and see the history of the Turtles.

The main crew on this trip was Mike and Aaron, as they would drive this bus from city to city. These two people were the only ones who appeared at every stop of the tour.

In the video I am wearing a crew shirt, though I did not work for the company. This was a gift, and was never worn by me at any of the TMNT stops along the way. The hat I’m wearing is also a gift, though it was not worn at any of the stops either. I did wear one of these hats, from New York to San D, though it shows it’s age as the sun took the color from the hat. I decided not to wear it for this blog. Behind me is a folder with photos from the NYC, PA, MI, and IL stops from the tour. I carried this folder with me to each stop to share the beginning of the tour with everyone. It was truly an amazing trip.

The back ground music in this video is: Duel by Bond.

If you went to any of the stops of the Turtle 25th Tour and would like to share your stories, please give us a written or video reply, we’ll be happy to have it attached here to share with other fans who are curious of this event.

For detailed reviews about each of the stops please follow this link: TMNT-L

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