Cowabunga Corner 2013 Wrap Up


2013 is almost over.  It’s time to reflect on the past year and all that has happened during that time.  


Was the year a good one or bad one?  What awesome stuff happened and was there anything big that will change your life forever?  And of course for us Turtle Fans, what are some of the key memories for 2013 in the world of TMNT?  This is the last post of 2013 for Cowabunga Corner.


For me, the year started off on a few high notes.  I got to do my trip to visit Phoenix for the winter. During that time, I was invited to Toy Fair and had an amazing time getting to meet and talk with so many amazing people.  I got to see so many cool new toys coming for the year.  Some of the people there even knew who I was, which was a total surprise for me.  Once back to Phoenix’s house, we planned out Season 5 of Cowabunga Corner and got some of the writes up completed.  This was a nice way to start the year.


The hardest part during this time though was the lost of Toby, my dog for 16 years.  To this day I miss him deeply as he was a big part of my life.  Toby died on March 21st, though he will always live in my memories.  I will keep sharing stories of him, as he truly was a great dog.


When I got home from that trip, the adventures all started.  My brother wanted to move to Vermont, so I offered to help him in his move.  We packed up my bug and brought him to his new home.  During that trip I got to meet Professor Jordan Perry and visit some friends in the Boston area.  My birthday happened while we were on the road, so we spent it with the Free Comic Book day events and got to see Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird.  It was a pretty awesome way to spend my birthday.  We drove through four states that day alone.


Once back in Michigan, my family brought in two new puppies to the family, Loki and Lucy.  These two bundles of joy became the adventures of May as we worked at training them, taking for walks to meet our neighbors and making sure they got all their vet visits in.  All the while, we were still doing events such as Motor City Comic Con.   


June was really busy as we had a trip to PA for a fan memorial for Davy Jones.  Then we returned home for one night before leaving for a four night stay at a cabin with my folks for their vacation.  The night we returned home from that vacation, Ernie Reyes Jr. got a hold of me as he was in Michigan for some karate events, like the one at DLux Karate.  This was two weeks of running that I won’t forget as we had a lot of fun.  


On the Turtle side of the beginning of the year, toys were going well as we got some new action figures.  Though Nickelodeon tormented us with holding back on showing the end of Season One of TMNT.  IDW threw us into one adventure after another with The Krang Wars ending only for the Shredder to get a hold of Leonardo, bringing us into the “City Fall” saga.  Summer toys came onto the market like bubble launchers, frisbees and more.  I filmed a lot of TMNT reviews that have been shared here on Cowabunga Corner.


As June ended, the real summer events began.  Nickelodeon Universe at Mall of America did their “Summer of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” event with different contests and giveaways offered up for the fans.  San Diego Comic Con International had TMNT panels and some cool stuff at the Nickelodeon booth.  Power Con added TMNT to the themes of cartoons that their convention covered with a lot of different Ninja Turtles guests and panels.  Nickelodeon finally aired the end of Season One, showing us an epic battle scene between Splinter and Shredder.  This was a summer that TMNT fans could enjoy!


Miki and I did our travel out west, working on getting reviews and interviews for Cowabunga Corner by visiting different events, studios and actors in hope to have some stuff together that everyone could enjoy.  Though this is around the time that things got harder on us.  Miki was injured and I had to bring a pause to Cowabunga Corner.  Her nose, teeth and neck was broken by a wave accident.  When not collecting video and stuff for review, I was helping her.  This did not stop us from working, just made it so I could not transfer the stuff to the computer to edit and post as quickly as I had been.


Even while sore, Miki and I attended New York Comic Con, Detroit Fanfare, and Youmacon.  We gathered more interviews and hung out with other TMNT fans.  Hoping for the best, my family matters worsened.  Our great Aunt went into the hospital with some major health issues.  While there they found a tumor and she has been struggling ever since.  My father failed his stress test and was found to have three major blockages that needed to be fixed.  After a mild heart attack, he was put in to the hospital for a triple by pass.


2013 took it’s toll on my family during the fall making the Holiday seasons very hard.  Family does come first, so the break lasted until my dad was stable.  


I have taken two short trips down to Phoenix’s house to work on Cowabunga Corner, as we have the site going again with video reviews of a bunch of different TMNT Products.  Episode and comic book reviews are in the works and will hopefully resume here on the website soon.  I want to send a big thank you out to all who have stuck with us through this rough time.


For TMNT, the Fall brought the beginning of Season Two of Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which has brought us Casey Jones, Mutagenman and Slash!  What an amazing season and it’s only just begun.  We’ve got more TMNT toys on the market.  And IDW has wrapped up “City Fall” which brings us to “Northampton”.  Overall, a good time to be a TMNT fan!


Cowabunga Corner Season 5 is going strong with more interviews and reviews to be shared.  Thanks to all those who spread the word when new episodes are up and to all those who’ve entered our Cowabunga Corner giveaways!   With cards and comics being given out monthly, we are working our best to thank everyone who has been here for us.  We will try to keep the website and videos going for those who enjoy what we have here.


2013 is wrapping up to an end.  But we’re not done here on Cowabunga Corner!  We look forward to all of the new Ninja Turtles, events and travels ahead.  Hoping to make many new friends along our path!



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