Cowabunga Corner #25

In this episode, I talk about an event fans know as “Turtle Con 2000″.

Back in May 2000 there was nothing new coming out of Ninja Turtles besides for a few T-Shirts here or there. Though comics were just going into their quiet time as Image was wrapping up the series, no TV show (not even reruns)… it was not a time the fans liked.

Though in 1999 I went to Motor City Comic Con and saw a fan booth, for an old TV show. This gave me the idea, maybe if the fans got together we could hold a booth and get petition signed up to bring back the Ninja Turtles. Getting fans together we raised over $3,000 though the booth ended up costing me over $4,000 on the account of some pour marketing choices that I made. Though we were able to hold it, and got around 50 online TMNT fans to come join the party even flew in a guest from Vancouver, BC for a meet and greet.

The problem with the marketing was I thought if we put the money into T-Shirts, Mouse pads, tote bags that we’d earn it back plus some to go into holding this booth yearly. Though we brought in less than $500 which wasn’t even enough to pay off the loan from a family member that I borrowed to get us up to the $4,000 mark in money. That loan got paid off in time… and we did hold booths at this convention again in 2001 and 2003, not spending nearly as much and still selling the 2000 merch.

In this video my dad, Dave Ivey, brings us around Sunday of Motor City Comic Con 2000, following the Turtle Con fans and crew. We get to see Tokka as Bebop, and man did he make for a great Bebop! There’s fans getting prizes during one of our trivia times. There’s our Turtle Con Guest, Mitch who plays Raphael in the Next Mutation, and even Frank Fosco was there. He did take some time to come to the Turtle Con booth to sell his original art work pages and sign autographs.

We even have video of Michaelangelo, me in costume, with some of the convention guest including talking with Jonathan Frakes during his panel. Wish the sound was better on the video, though the panel room was just a blocked off part of the dealer room so the echo and crowd noises do make some of the sound rough to hear. There’s a few other Star Terk people in this video, like Scottie from the original Star Terk show. Over all it’s just a one day view of the convention.

I truly hope to some day be able to throw a real Turtle Convention, but getting the amount of money needed for a convention center, hotel, guests, and so much more is a lot of stress and hard work. I’ve looked into a few times, and am making sure not to push to far and over spend on any thing like I did with this booth here. I also have advice and help from chair people of other conventions, so who knows maybe one day I’ll get this together. When I do, “Cowabunga Corner” will be one of the first places to annouce it.

Music: “Demo” by MoOt

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