Cowabunga Corner #5

In this episode we show another area of the Ninja Turtle History that Cowabunga Corner will cover, this being Kevin Eastman’s “Words & Pictures Museum”.

The Museum was a comic book arts Museum, though the locals called it “The Ninja Turtles Museum”. They had a wonderful set up of original art work from all sorts of comic books, and even statues of the Ninja Turtles on the interactive floor.

The video in this blog was taken on December 31st, 1994 opening night at the Museum’s second location. I was lucky enough to get to go on this night thanks to my parents as I was not able to raise the money in time to go on this trip. For Christmas my mom and dad let me know that we were going, by placing the reservation papers within a present.

At the Museum you see a glimpse of each floor of the Words & Pictures Museum. The 1st floor with the Museum store and the cave to the elevators, the 4th floor with a lot of original art work, the 2nd floor with the Turtle Statues & Electric Chalk board, and the 3rd floor where I give Kevin Eastman a gift.

One of the prize moments here is that I got to wear my Turtle costume for Kevin Eastman, to see how that goes just watch the video!

Editing on this video was done by both Phoenix and myself

Music in this episode “Long Goodbyes” by I am Not Lefthanded

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