Cowabunga Corner Kickstarter

Hey everyone,

Cowabunga Corner is in the need of help right now.  Started in 2010 those of us at Cowabunga Corner has been funding everything for the blog.  From new cameras, mics, webspace, travel, events, and so much more.  Working hard at bringing you a fun show that covers any and all things Ninja Turtles.  On top of the show I've started doing all these movie reviews on the website, as well as other types of reviews.  And over the years the prices for everything we've done has been adding up through the thousands.

To keep Cowabunga Corner going we are now in the need of help in funding parts of Cowabunga Corner.  With over 1000 subscribers we're hoping that people here can help us!

If each person donates $1 that would make us $1,000 closer to the goal...
If each person donates $4 that would place us at our goal of $4,000
If each person donates $10 that would place us way over our goal!

- If we were to get extra money we would put it towards prizes for future Cowabunga Corner contests, to give the people what they really want!  Though to do this and more we need your help now.

Each amount received offers different awards for helping us with Cowabunga Corner!  Please check out our Kick Starters and become a backer to keep Cowabunga Corner going strong!

We need your help!  Less than 10 days to go!  Please just go to the link below, click "Back this Project" replace the $1 with what ever you're willing to donate and go through the process of paying.  Remember no money is taken till August 2nd, and will only be done if we meet our goal.  Please help us meet our goal!

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