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Anyone who’s seen my collection in person would take note of how many Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animation cels I own.  I’ve got stacks of them in a drawer, a handful hanging on my walls and even did a full episode on Cowabunga Corner about animation cels.  I love collecting and looking at different animation cels out there.  They are a big part of the history of TMNT, and sadly have become a dying art as more and more computers are used.  It’s hard to find anyone who works with animation cels these days.  Which makes these amazing pieces of history even more of a keepsake.

Through the years I’ve had one place I buy most of my animation cels from, a company called “Art-Toons”.  I met them at Mid-Ohio Con in 1996, when I went down there to do an internet meet up and to meet Ryan Brown.  This small booth in the dealer room fastly became one of my favorite booths at the convention.  Not only did they have animation cels, but they also had an original artwork page from “Archie meets the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”, which I bought as soon as I could get the money together.  Ever since this convention, I buy animation cels from Art-Toons every year and feel they’re one of the best companies I’ve ever dealt with.  I enjoy talking to them and the cels are great and the prices are awesome!

At Motor City Comic Con in 2011, I decided to take the time to do an interview with Art-Toons, on how they got into the business, what they got to offer and more.  Check out that interview here!

Hope everyone enjoyed!  Art-Toons will be at Motor City Comic Con this weekend, for anyone in the Michigan area feel free to swing by and check them out!   Anyone who can not make it to the event, check out their online store at:

Video Credits:
Host, Video and editing: Michele Ivey
Guest: Mary Anne Ergezi
Location: Motor City Comic Con 2011

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