Cowabunga Corner Review: Super Shredder by Playmates Toys


In Season four of Nickelodeon’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles we’ve seen the Turtles take to Space for Epic adventure and return to Earth for their old life.  Which bags to give the Turtles a new challenge that could rival that which they just had in space.  The answer, bring in the Super Shredder.  Super Shredder originally created for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze is one of those characters you can not forget, and was due to make a come back at some point for the Turtles to battle again.  And when something cool hits the Turtles series, the toy is soon to follow.  Here is my review of the Super Shredder action figure from Playmates Toys.

I first saw the Super Shredder design at New York Comic Con as they rolled the clip of him fighting Karai.  I’m not a big fan of everyone becoming Mutants, as I think it takes away from the special part of the Turtles themselves being mutants.  Though I was not surprise to the return of this well known character from the movies.  I just felt that it was done too soon, as Shredder himself has always been a threat to the Turtles.  The one that he has a hard time beating is Splinter, but the Turtles have not bested Shredder themselves.  Which is something I personally would’ve liked to have seen before he pushed himself to this level. 

His design is different, though I do like the way they got his mouth.  I found when he talked to be an interesting design and amused me.  I think it was creative and worked well in showing his insanity which is also a big part of his new mutation.  Shredder is now a Mutant, though I do hope that at some point he’s turned to look a little more normal.  Just because the greatest thing about the Shredder is that he’s a huge threat to the Turtles, and he was merely Human.  Showing you didn’t need to be a mutant or powerful, to put fear into the Turtles.  Now, he’s just another Mutant in series, which I know some fans enjoy.  It’s just personally not my thing.

The toy design does not do him much more for his looks.  If people see only the Toy, they would be surprised to see the series and realize that this toy is suppose to be that character.  It’s missing a lot of fine details that makes the animated character appeal to the fans who are enjoying this.  You don’t even get the great detail of that mouth that brings amusement to me in his new design.  It also seems smaller than the normal Shredder action figure.  Size is one of those things I do pick on in the Playmates Toys line.  Hopefully we can get a Mix & Match figure of him, so we can have a larger Super Shredder, not by much… but enough to give that cool feel when you have him stand near the Turtles.

To see my full reaction to Super Shredder, learn where I got mine.  As I’ve had him since October, please do watch the video.  If you’re interested in getting a Super Shredder of your own, he’s now on sale at Target.  He could make a great Holiday gift for any collector of the Nickelodeon TMNT series action figures.

Do you have Super Shredder?  What are your thoughts on this toy?  Please share reviews, comments and questions below!


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