Dear Nickelodeon: We want 4Kids TMNT in a DVD Box Set

One thing that fans all around the world do enjoy is DVDs of their favorite show and series.  We’ve seen DVDs from old TV series all the way to new shows that are on TV today.  We see Volumes with favorite episodes on it to season sets with the episodes all in order.  There’s even Complete series DVD sets out there.  No matter the fandom, if it has video.  Fans want their videos on DVD, making it easy to watch, share and save.  For TMNT fans we have the complete series of the original Cartoon series, every movie on DVD, most of the current Nickelodeon series in order on DVD and then there’s the 4Kids series.  This series has been off the air since 2009, we got two seasons released in order, one and a half seasons totally mixed up and two of the later seasons in order and the last season never released.  The fans want this series released in full.

There is 156 episodes from 2003 to 2009.  Seven seasons, most of the early DVDs came with bonus features from a behind the scene peek, interviews with Peter Laird, and even an interview with Stan Sakai.  To get all the of the episodes that have been released on DVD you need to collect 16 DVD sets, which are hard to find.  And even hunting down those 16 DVD sets, you don’t get the entire series as the last season, “Back to the Sewers” never got released.

Why did this happen one may ask?  Was it because of the sale to Viacom?  Not really, the real reason for the lack of those last episodes never coming out falls to the company that was releasing the TMNT series.  Funimation, best known for releasing Japanese anime.  They were behind the DVDs of the 4Kids series.  They let go of the license and 4Kids had a hard time finding someone else to pick it up.  The biggest reason behind this, is because the sales were low at that time, here in the United States.  It’s not the first time we got hit by the lack of sales here, for example the Lost Season, Season 5 was released first in other Countries before we got a release here in the United States.  This is because those other countries had better sales.

Was this only the fault of the fans?  I do not believe so, I do feel that promotions for these DVDs were not done well.  The only reason I knew when we were getting any at the market was because Mirage would post it on their Ninja Turtles website.  When they started to do the season sets that were coming out, the only bonus to get it was that the episodes were in order.  They took all of the bonus features that were on the Volume releases and got rid of them.  So some fans held off, because they felt that we were getting cut short by the lack of features.  Thinking a better set would come out someday.  Other fans just said they were happy with their own recordings, there was no real reason to get the DVDs.  Others did downloading from the web.  And with this, we had low sales.

Here we are in 2015, a full new fanbase is out there trying to collect the TMNT series that came before they joined the fan base.  The original cartoon series offers a DVD collection of the full series.  This making it easier for fans to find that series.  While fans searching for the 4Kids series is having a major challenge.  Thankfully Nickelodeon is starting to release some of the 4Kids series on DVD, the problem is they’re releasing volumes.  “Favorite episodes” type sets.  They’re not releasing the show in order.  While some fans search Youtube to watch the series, fighting the ever growing copyright laws.  Other fans are finding bootleg sets and putting their money there, as they don’t have the option to buy the series through the true sources that we should be putting our money into. 

TMNT fans have been speaking up for our love of the 4Kids Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Show.  Recently CJ Fakkuza, started up a petition on to try and get Nickelodeon to release 2003 TMNT series as a box set.  Asking for only 200 people to sign, I personally feel that to get Viacom to realize that we’re serious we need thousands of people to sign.  They need to know that the sales would be there.

If you’re interested in learning more about the 4Kids series, how many episodes, the episode titles, the DVDs that were released and which episodes were on what DVD.  I have a source that can help answer those questions.  This is a post on TMNT-L message board, it list every episode by their original air date number, what DVDs they’re on and each of those episodes is a link to a review topic for that episode.  If you join the forum, you can vote on our polls of how you feel about the episode, if you own the DVD, and write your own review for the episodes.  You can ask questions about episodes, and those of us who watched the entire series can try our best to answer your questions.  The Topic on TMNT-L is “TMNT 4K on DVD : Episode list and links for reviews”.   Everyone is welcomed to join in, and as long as a topic is not locked, that topic is open for discussion no matter how long ago it was started or last posted in.

How can you help in letting Nickelodeon know that you want the entire 4Kids series on DVD as a box set?  First you can sign CJ’s petition online, it only takes a few minutes and it adds to the voices calling out to Nickelodeon.  The other thing you can do is buy the 4Kids series DVDs that Nickelodeon has been releasing.  Get them as gifts for kids you know who like TMNT, get them for your own private collection, or pick them up to give away on your own websites, video blogs, message boards or facebook challenges.  Share this story through any of the share links below, Tumblr, Facebook, Google +, Twitter and Digg.  By getting the word out about what the fans can do, it helps to get more fans taking action.  If you want to see 4Kids TMNT as a DVD box set, then we need as many of us fans to work together and spread the word.  Please join the voice of the fandom.

I have been collecting the 4Kids Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles DVDs as they were released.  In Season 1 of Cowabunga Corner I shared a bit about my collection of these DVDs.  I’ll like to share this now for anyone who has not seen and is interested in watching.  Out off all of my TMNT DVDs in my collection, these are the most watched as I share them all the time with fans who never gave the series a chance.  I really do hope to see a Box Set for this TMNT Series.


Do you have suggestions on how fans can help get Nickelodeon to release a 4Kids TMNT series Box set?  If they were to release a Box set what bonus features would you hope that they’d include?  Please share this post and feel free to leave any comments and questions below!

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