Epic TMNT Party is happening!

Fandom is a wonderful thing when we come together.  And I can’t be more excited to say congrats to Jared.  Jared is a TMNT fan who is following his dream of throwing a huge party.  To throw the size of the party he wanted to throw he needed help from the fandom.  And the fandom answered to his call for help with donating over $38,000 towards the party and the tickets are still on sale!  What type of party would get so much funding?  One that has something for everyone who decides to go.

This party has Nerf guns to try and break a World Record, they got Ted to amuse the adults with a sick and fun humor, they have an arcade for people to play their favorite old games and for us TMNT fans they got Vanilla Ice to perform Ninja Rap.  Partners in Kryme to keep the crowd alive with T U R T L E Power!  And even a Turtle Van and TMNT characters for photos.  This is looking to be something very Epic for us fans!  And just the fandom, the Adult TMNT fandom.

I can’t express how happy I am for Jared, and what a step he made.  The fandom is a strong force and he was able to pull it together for something he really wanted.  That’s not as easy as it sounds, as you get thanks from those who want to be part of it, you also get attacked and insulted for stepping into the new grounds.  It’s a rough road, where you have to be strong and believe in your goal to reach the end.  And Jared did just that, he was able to put the negative behind him and move forward.  And by the amount of money raised, it’s clear others believed in him too.  Bringing this dream into reality.

Tickets for the event is only on sale till this Friday night.  This is a real event coming up.  I am going to go.  So the big question is, are you going?   The best thing about a party is having friends to be there with, so the more the better!  Come for a cool time with lots of TMNT stuff going on around us!

Get your tickets here before the time is up!


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