First TMNT Trailer from Nickelodeon!

We’ve been waiting to say this! A new TMNT Trailer is up! This is the second time Nickelodeon has released a video to the fans, but this time it is not a Mutation in Progress video, this is the real deal! A trailer for the new cartoon. Finally, a chance for everyone to hear the new Turtle voices! So before we get into the details... watch this new trailer.

Now that you’ve seen the trailer, here’s my review. This is a teaser trailer, only giving us samples of the Turtles voices, fast flashes of scenes, bits of animation, and no idea on where the story is going. We see the comedy side of the show in this clip as they use a lot of Michelangelo. So I’ll start with Michelangelo.

I can hear Greg Cipes all the way through this voice, Greg is an awesome guy and has done other characters much like Michelangelo such as Best Boy in “Teen Titans”. This is a new take on Michelangelo’s voice, as we’re use to hearing a deeper voice based more on the styles of Townsend Coleman and Robbie Rist. It sounds like Michelangelo has a new battle cry, not sure if I like it yet or not. Going to need to hear more of it. Of course I’ll always like Cowabunga. There was a screaming section done with Mike in here, it kind of reminded me how Michelangelo in the 4Kids series (Wayne Grayson) would do a girly scream.

This is not the first time that Mike has sounded different from our normal tones, check out the styles of Kirby Morrow in Ninja Turtles The Next Mutation. It will take a little bit to get use to, though that is what they were aiming for with this series. They don’t want to do what’s already been done, they want to give us something new while keeping some things there for us to know the turtles for. Things that are the same, we see the four Turtles, Splinter and Shredder with the Foot in this trailer. They still live in New York City and Mike shows an interest in pizza.

Donatello is voiced by Rob Paulsen, and this is going to be a voice I will have to try and get use to hearing from. I am more use to a nasal sounding voice for Donatello. From the tiny bit we hear the new voice for Donatello sounds a bit like Mighty Max and old toon Raphael, when I heard that Rob was getting the job I was hoping he’d use more of his Yakko voice. I’ve always liked the nasal sounding voice for Donatello, though we only hear him twice in this ad and both times did not sound like him going geek with computers or anything. In fact, there were things any of the four could say. I look forward to hearing Donatello when he’s working at what he enjoys.

Raphael is one that I’ve been really waiting to hear the voice of with Sean Astin taking up this role. Out of the new voices I really like his sound for Raphael. I also like the little bit of personality they show of him in this teaser, picking on Michelangelo. I think Sean is going to be a good Raphael, and can not wait to see his full personality show through in the series.

Now, Leonardo is voiced by Jason Biggs. So far he seems like an ok Leonardo, though once again we don’t get to hear much of a personality. They give us only one line from him and this is making it very hard to judge how much I like or dislike the voice for him just yet. I get my best feel when I hear normal talk between characters, which is why I like it that they got Raph and Mike talking at each other near the end.

I will be able to say more about my feelings on each of the characters when we see an episode and get a real feel for them in more than a short clip that is just teasing us. What I have realized about this clip is that it is the same images we got from the Toy Fair. So really a lot of people have already done reviews on the looks of these Turtle images. Though I do want to say New York looks great in this. I like the details put into the city. Can’t wait to see more of it.

One thing I did find interesting is how much comic book style the flashback scenes seemed to look. I am curious if the flashback story in the series is going to have that comic book feel or if that was done for the trailer. The music caught my attention as well. It sounds as if it was taken from the original theme and just altered. If you listen to the music it does lead into the old theme at a few points. I can not wait to hear the new theme song to hear just how much of it is taken from the original cartoon theme.

Overall, I’m still excited about this new show. I think it’s great that we’re finally getting stuff to hype the show and I can’t wait to see this ad running on TV. I’m not going to judge the full series by this one teaser, as I know trailers can never give us a full view of a series or movie. For me this teaser was mostly about getting to hear the Turtles for the first time and see a little bit of their World.

For the first story and where I found the trailer first at, please check out EW:

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