Friend Memories #1

I’ve written about bullies and shared some of the bad stuff that I’ve been through.  Though while it’s easy to write and complain about people, sometimes we forget to cherish those that we have.  So I’m going to take time and do write ups about friends that have come into my life, who I still know and hang out with to this day.  These people were able to see through the lies and cruelty of those others around us, and get to know me for who I am.  I’m going to start with one girl who in 1991 decided to sit next to me in our science class.

At that time in my life I had a fear of others my age, I didn’t want to talk to people too much and found myself hiding behind a sketch book or comic book.  Though during this class, our teacher wanted us to pair up with someone else.  I always just waited for the last kid to be left, not really having friends who I wanted to sit with.  Though this time, a young girl came and sat by me.  I’d seen her before, but I did not know her name or who she was really.  In fact, I would confuse her with another girl that was mean to me often.  So, I was confused that she chose to work with me.

She introduced herself, I’m going to call her Belle here since I don’t use real names online, and she seemed really happy to be working with me.  So we started to hang out in that class, though to my surprise, a few days later she asked me to sit with her at lunch time, too.  So for the first time since 1988, I had a friend in school that was my age and who wanted to be seen with me.  Belle introduced me to her friend, Shadow Wolf, who would also join us for lunch.  Belle and I would talk all through lunch, as Shadow Wolf got another nickname from me at that time, the quiet one.

During my time with Belle, I learned how I knew her in the past.  Her family is one that is well known in my area, as they are a foster home and have taken in many children over the years.  My mom knew her mom, so I would see Belle in passing.  Belle’s favorite thing was Disney movies, with Beauty and the Beast being her favorite film.  Though she loved Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II out of the TMNT movies.  She would have me act out the full film for her when I’d come over to visit, so impressed that I remembered the movie that well and could do all the voices.  Her favorite Turtle has always been Donatello.

Belle remains good friends with me to this day. The first friend from my school years who really wanted to be my friend and has stuck by my side.  During hard times, she has been there for me.  She’s even been there for some of the big fun stuff, like when I did the Turtle Con booth back in 2000.  Belle did not just attend but helped me through the weekend.

Belle loves romance stories, like Beauty and the Beast.  She has been married for over 10 years and now has five children.  She enjoys spending time with friends, laughing and playing with new gadgets like cell phones.  She keeps really busy most of the time with her family life, though still tries to call out and see how people are doing.

This was all about taking a moment out to share that there are those in my life, outside of my family who have been there for me, to say thank you to good friends, and remind everyone that while it’s easy to see those hard days over and over again in your head.  It’s more important to focus on the good times and what life is all about, great memories and wonderful people.

Do you have a friend who has been there for you in tough times?  Is there a memory of making a friend that you would like to share?   Please Comment or ask questions in the comment area below!  All email addresses are kept private.

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