Get a TMNT gift for Donations - Limited offer

Cowabunga Corner goes through a lot of hard drive space on computers because of the videos and photos used for the blog.  Interviews, panels, reviews, and so much more are all saved for multiple uses, which puts us through a lot of different hard drives.  Cowabunga Corner is always needing to upgrade and move the files around to keep them all in order.  We do reuse old files when needed, so deleting is not an option on the video.  Now, it has come time for another upgrade and we’re asking for help.

All donations to the Cowabunga Corner website is promise spent on Cowabunga Corner itself!  No matter what other life stuff I am going through, I make sure that funds go where people intend for them to go.  These type of donations are used for travel, events, tripods, batteries, computer hardware and giveaways.

Now I mentioned a free gift in the topic; this gift is an autographed photo of Raphael’s lead actor from Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation.  Mitchell A. Lee Yuen signed these photos at the Turtle Con 2000 booth for us to sell back when we were doing booths at conventions.  The photo he signed is one taken by my mother when we were on the set of the Next Mutation in July 1997, my hand is in the corner holding a lunch box.  The back of the photo has some information about Mitchell.  These photos have only been sold through me so the photo is not a promotional shot you can find anywhere else. 

We will send one signed photo out to the first 15 donations of $25 or more made to the Cowabunga Corner PayPal.  These photos will be only one per a PayPal account to assure that more people can get this neat collector piece.  

We are looking to purchase the Seagate Backup Plus 8TB Desktop External Hard Drive.  With that much space, this hard drive will help out for a long time.  Our goal is that these 15 photos which are going up for donation will help give us enough to pay for this hard drive and send the photos out to the awesome people who donated.

We are going to keep an up to date list here of the first name of each donation so people know when we’re out of autographed photos. 

There is always a donation button here on Cowabunga Corner.  We do not always offer anything in return for donation, other than our hard work at keeping Cowabunga Corner going with stories and videos.  The Cowabunga Corner crew are all volunteers who take their time to get stories out there for the fans, the crew has helped fund a lot of our hardware and events as need be.  We may do this type of promotion towards donations from time to time.  Unless otherwise noted there isn’t a reward for donating. If we spent money on rewards all the time donations would be just another cost instead of help.

A Big Thank You to everyone who donates, and to all those who’ve helped us in the past.  Cowabunga Corner is for the fans by the fans!  We couldn’t keep this going without all of the help from the awesome fandom out there!  Thank You!



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