Good Bye 2015

New York Comic Con 20152015 has come to it’s end and what a year it has been.  From the good to the bad, this year has kept us going in circles with family health, moving, and traveling.  There was always something going on to keep me busy. All the while, I never forgot about Cowabunga Corner or really took a true break from trying to do stuff for the site.  Here’s a look back at Cowabunga Corner for 2015. 

We started the year off with a lot of coverage of TMNT products from toys, Valentines, to Easter.  One of the major highlights during this time was our coverage of Toy Fair 2015.  We got to share so many cool things coming from Colorforms, Alex Brand, and The Good Smile Company.  It was a  lot of great products that were revealed for us fans to enjoy. 

During the end of Spring, I was going through a highly stressful time of emptying out the family home.  While this was going on, I was a guest at the Toonseum and Midwest Media Expo.  I also covered a few events from Motor City Comic Con to Fan Boy Expo.  I truly enjoyed each of these events, got to see old friends and meet new friends.  This gave me a break from the insanity that was home.

When I did have a moment, I did some filming of toy reviews and other events.  Not all  have made it here on Cowabunga Corner, as I was going through a really bad time from my RSD.  The stress from the move was causing more flare up.  Friends did step in and help, so that I didn’t have to lift as much.  The move was very rough, emotionally and physically, for my family and I.

In July I made my way out for San Diego Comic Con, where I had good and bad times.  Best thing was getting to see friends and spend a little bit of time in California.  From there I traveled back to Michigan for my mother to go through knee surgery as she got her right knee replaced.  The surgery went great.  I only went on one trip during her recovery time.

I was a guest at Fandom Fest in Louisville, KY.  It was an amazing weekend.  Only things that could’ve made it better was if I didn’t lose my voice right away, and if I didn’t have RSD.  We had an awesome booth, great guests to hang out with, and plenty of new and old friends. It was this event where we met Alopex, a new member of the Cowabunga Corner Team, first seen as a reviewer in our Halloween review

After my mother came home from surgery, life got busy.  I started working getting more reviews up for the Holiday season, finding reviews that were filmed earlier this year and last year, filming new reviews, and covering more events.  I got to go to Fan Expo in Toronto, got down to the opening of “Secrets of the Sewers” at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis, then over to New York City Comic Con and ended up my events for the year at Youmacon

I am proud of how many products we’ve covered here on Cowabunga Corner this year from Diamond Select Minimates, Build a Bear TMNT dolls, Playmates Toys Mix and Match to TMNT Half Shell Heroes Dinos.  We mainly focused on Ninja Turtle products, though we did manage to review a few other items and will keep bringing this to Cowabunga Corner as there are a lot of awesome toys out there.  It was a lot of fun to film with Alopex through the reviews we did together.  A lot of laughs came from that review, the best coming from “Not a Toy”.   Also a big thanks to all those that helped with editing, so that we could get these stories up on the site before Christmas.

Now the end of 2015 is here.  I am thankful for all of my new and old friends who took part in making 2015 a better year for me.  I enjoyed all the panels I took part in at conventions.  I loved talking TMNT with many Turtle Fans across the country.  I have amused myself with some of the reviews like trying the pizza flavor lip balm.  These are the highlights that reminds me why I am still a part of the TMNT fandom.  Fellow fans and the creative team behind Ninja Turtles, all being a part of bringing smiles to my face and making memorable moments that will stay with me the rest of my life.  Thank you everyone!

I hope for this evening that everyone is safe with people who they care for, enjoying these last hours of the year, taking all the hard and bad times, and placing those in the past.  Lets ring in a new, and hopefully better, year ahead!

Happy New Years Eve, Everyone!


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