Greg Martin

There are some areas in history that gets overlooked too often.  The people who put together everything we enjoy that don’t get credit.  That are often not mentioned.  People with skills brought in to do the work and few learn their names.  To those I tip my hat.  This is why Cowabunga Corner has the goal to make sure we can talk with anyone and everyone who’s worked on Ninja Turtles from the artist, voices, producers, stunts, actors and more.  Our goal is credit to all the amazing people that made TMNT through these years be as awesome as it is.  Even if we miss out on meeting someone, we still want to take time out for them.  This is in memory of an artist whose name was not credited but his skill was seen.

Have you ever bought any of the classic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles VHS?  “Cowabunga, Shredhead”, “Case of the Killer Pizzas”, or “The Incredible Shrinking Turtles”?  These tapes as well as others had original art work upon them that pertained to the episodes on the VHS tapes.  Looking over the box you don’t find the name of the artists who does this work, though you know the art comes from somewhere.  I have recently learned the name of one of the artist behind these Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles tapes was Greg Martin.

Greg has worked on a lot of beloved properties from Sonic The Hedgehog, Thunder Cats, Batman, Duck Tales and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  He’s got a lot of credit behind him in doing some awesome art work.  His box work for the TMNT VHS tapes are some of the most seen tapes from back in the day.  As soon as I saw the artwork I was able to name which VHS tapes they came from.

With information from Sonic Stadium we learned that Greg has sadly passed away last May.  Such a great artist, with a lot to be credited for as shared on the original story that I saw.  I do not know Greg, I never met him.  Though I respect his work.  I do wish I had a chance to talk to him, to share his story, and to find out if he realizes just how many truly did love his art.

With further research I have found his IMDB page, he his most recent credited work was Bolt.  We also found he had a blog where he would sell his art work.  Though there has not been a post there in years. 

As I sit here typing this I have VHS tapes by my side which has his art work upon them.  I may have just learned his name, but I have always loved his work.  Recently on Facebook I asked my friends what their favorite DVD covers were, more than one person replied saying they loved the original artwork of the old VHS tapes.  Just goes to show, his art work is respected and mentioned through the fandom to this very day.

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