Happy New Years! 2016

Happy New Years, Everyone!  Welcome to the first post here on Cowabunga Corner for the year.  And what a year it’s already shaping up to be.  This year we have a new TMNT Movie coming out in June with Bebop and Rocksteady!  We also have the rest of Season 4 as we see the Turtles finish their space trip with the Fugitoid!  And we get to see if the Turtles stay with the Foot Clan in the IDW Comics!  So many great things going on for Ninja Turtles, so what is going to come here on Cowabunga Corner?  Here are our hopes for 2016.

Stories.  I’d like is to make sure we got at least one story a week.  So even when I’m running around, down from RSD, or dealing with family health, I really would like it if we could have something here for those who check the website.  I’d like to line more than one story a week, but we’ll start with one a week.  If my goal is reached, there’ll be a new “Kodak Moment” each week even during our quiet times.

Events.  We already know a few events that we will be at this upcoming year.  Though as a rule for the events, we can not announce that we’re guests until they put it on their websites.  Any convention that I am a guest at, I will hopefully be hosting panels.  If it’s an event that I’ve already been a guest at, I promise that I do not host the same panel twice per convention.  For example, the first year at Midwest Media Expo, Andre and I did the History of TMNT Panel.  The second year, I hosted the Comics Panel, then Andre joined me for the Cartoons and Movie panels.  I want to keep the events fresh and fun for everyone who attend.  We will update everyone as we can on the website and through Facebook.  If anyone is interested in bringing us in for their conventions as guests, please contact us.

More visits to the “Secrets of the Sewers” at the Children's Museum In Indianapolis.  This is an outstanding exhibit for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fans.  The exhibit brings you through the Nickelodeon TMNT lair with activities, games and great photo ops.  I hope to take more friends and family to see this cool exhibit.  I highly encourage fellow TMNT fans to check it out, before it’s gone from it’s original location.  When we learn where it’s traveling to next we will keep that information up to date here on Cowabunga Corner. 

Moving!  In 2016, my family is looking at relocating.  The plan is to leave Michigan and relocate to California.  Not sure how many updates will be done during this time.  Though I will attempt to have stories up during the move.  To keep up on the details, please follow my Facebook page and/or TMNT-L, as my real life details are shared more often in those areas.  The plan for the move is for after my mother heals up from her second knee surgery, hopefully near the beginning of Summer.

Once the move is done, we’re hoping to get back into doing the free giveaways here on Cowabunga Corner.  It’s so much fun to help TMNT fans get Turtle stuff.  Though life has gotten very hard recently with our living situation, which is why the giveaways has slowed down greatly.  We still do giveaways at conventions and events for the fans.  And wish to keep this going for the entire fandom. 

More product reviews!  We want to keep reviewing products from Playmates Toys, Wicked Cool Toys, Diamond Select, and so many other wonderful companies.  Most review items are gifts from friends and fans of Cowabunga Corner.  If you wish to take part in this, we can promote whichever website you wish to have promoted in the credits of the product review.  Or if you would rather be thanked personally in the credits we will arrange that instead.  All products sent in for review are treated as donations.  A Big Thanks to all those who helped us with so many fun reviews in 2015!

We’re still hoping to cover our normal events, so look for reviews of Toy Fair 2016, Midwest Media Expo, Motor City Comic Con, San Diego Comic Con, and Youmacon.  If you’re going to any of these events and see us, feel free to say hi.  I personally go to these events to meet and make friends with fellow TMNT fans.  It is the highlight of traveling.  Let’s meet and talk Turtles, events, and life!

Finally, 2016 means that Cowabunga Corner has been going for five years as of October.  In 2010-2011, we brought you Season One of Cowabunga Corner.  In 2011 to 2012, we started to use the website to share the Cowabunga Corner videos.  In 2013 to 2014, the website became more than just our stories with product and event reviews.  In, 2014 to 2015, we got more press access to cover different events and share so much more with our readers.  In 2015, we got our second Youtube channel opened, sharing our extra videos with more viewers on youtube!  During all that time we released five seasons of Cowabunga Corner.  Everyone has been asking when is Cowabunga Corner Season 6 coming.  I am hoping to get the new season up this year, to thank everyone for five great years of hanging out with TMNT fans and sharing so much fun with everyone.

We have some high hopes for the New Year!  This ride will all depend on my life off the internet.  My mother’s surgery, my RSD and the big move that my family really needs to do.  I do not want to let our readers down, so please stay with us through this bumpy time.  I do promise that as long as I’m alive, I will always share what I can of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with fellow fans, be it interviews, reviews, events or more! 

We at Cowabunga Corner wish everyone a fantastic New Year, with the best of health and happiness to all!


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