The Hillywood Show - "Hocus Pocus Parody"


The internet has introduced a lot of great stuff to us.  One of the great things is just how easy people can share their ideas with the world and make it on their own, by doing what they enjoy.  And if people like what we do, our stuff gets shared and goes around for many other to find.  One of those things on the net caught my attention earlier this year, and that was a group who does parodies.  I first saw them because of a Supernatural Parody they did, which was great and even had actors from the show in the Parody.  The show I speak of is The Hillywood Show.

The Hillywood Show does all sorts of different Parodies from Harry Porter, Walking Dead, and most recently Hocus Pocus.  And they go full scale with their production to make sure they’re bringing something fun and interesting for the fans.  They’re doing so well for themselves that they have gotten stars, real looking props and sets.  They have behind the scene videos and blooper footage.  Sharing so much with the fans, for the Parodies that they’ve been making.

What I really loved was their Supernatural Video extra footage.  Showing just how much they went through on that filming shoot.  The people they brought in, the on set injury, and the real lack of sleep while working in the entertainment realm, just to make a music video.  This is true heart and talent, driven with a deep passion for what they enjoy.  This video they did bring in stars to do dances for the parody, though we don’t get to see them in either the Dean's Diary or Behind the scenes footage, there is a little bit of them in the Blooper Reel

Their newest video Hocus Pocus does do even more for me though.  As I like both areas that they brought together in this Parody, Hocus Pocus and Nightmare Before Christmas.  Their creative lyrics kept me laughing and in the feel of the Hocus Pocus characters the full time.  With the music and even matching lines to a song that I’ve enjoyed for over twenty years now.  It is creative videos like this, that just shows how much the internet has helped fans become the talent that other fans watch.  The real treat in this Parody is how much the cast looks like the cast from the original movie.  Their costumes and makeup is so well done, that at points it’s hard to tell that these are a different cast of girls playing the witches.

They have a great behind the scenes video showing the making of the Hocus Pocus Parody and just how much they went through making these.  Also check out Winnies Diary.   During this they give a lot of credit, sharing who helped with sets, props, the dancers and so much more.  One of the prop makers for this Parody is my sister, Miki Ivey.  It was Miki’s first time working with the The Hillywood show, though Miki has been doing artwork most of her life.  For the Hocus Pocus Parody she made the Cauldron to look like the one from the Hocus Pocus movie, and the cage to look like the cage from Nightmare Before Christmas.  Two props that worked very well in the video.

I can’t say that I personally know anyone else who worked on these Parodies, but I can say that they are all very talented.  Their effects, props, sets, costumes and makeup are very professional.  Their writing and acting bring everything to life and makes the fans scream for more.  I can not wait to see what The Hillywood Show does for their next Parody. 

If you really like The Hillywood Show and would like to help support them.  Please check out their Patron site and find out how you can be a part of the The Hillywood Supporting Family.  They got fun perks for the people who do take the time to help them produce these fun videos.  I would also like to add a big Congraduations to the Hillywood show for having over a million subscribers this week!

Did you know of The Hillywood Show before finding them here on Cowabunga Corner?  If so, what is your favorite Parodies that they’ve done?  What would you like to see them do as a Parody?  If you’re new to finding out about The Hillywood Show, are you now going to subscribe?  Let us know what your thoughts are, reviews, comments and questions all welcomed below!

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Leatherhead's picture

I've watched this video at least five times already! Everyone did great on the sets (Miki's props were great!) and the actresses playing The Sanderson Sisters were fantastic! :)

Michele Ivey's picture

I can't agree with you  more!!  I can't count how many times I've watched this video now, and how many friends I've showed it too.