Hopes for the new TMNT Movie

The next Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Film...

What will it be about?  Where would it go?  What would you want to see in the film?  These are questions I get all the time. While I try not to assume stuff, seeing as how they usually try to throw us through loops on what we will see, I’m going to share here my hopes of things to come with the new Ninja Turtle Film.

I’m going to basically go over general things since I do not want to jump at any plot line.  I’m always happy to see what the people behind the films come up with for us.  Usually the story is interesting and works with the Turtles.  So we’ll see where they go from there.  Hopefully this alien thing is thrown out of what it was meant to be, so I'm not going to focus on that here.  These are more characters I’d like to see, character growth, and cast members, as well as hopes towards the Turtles themselves.

Starting off, I would like to see this movie involve all four Turtles in the story line, so they get at least close to the same amount of screen time.  They always have to choose a turtle for a focus point. Since this is a new origin movie it may be interesting if Donatello has the focus point in this film, as to date he has not had a film focus on him too much.

I don’t want to see any fights between Raphael and Leonardo.  Yes a rude snap here or there, but no pushing, shoving or spending more than 30 seconds at a time on the subject.  Why?  Because it’s over done.  TMNT 3 was the only film that did not focus on the angst between each other and I feel they ruined TMNT 2007 with their fights.  So I hope the new film takes a step back from this annoying habit of TMNT story lines.

I hope to see Michelangelo play more of a role in the film than just the comic relief.  So far only TMNT 3 has pulled this off.  They had him still being funny and goofing off, but he had a serious role when he stood up to the others about going home.  Not that I want him standing up against his brothers, I just would like to see him do stuff that helps with the plot line of the story.  Like in the 4Kids series, Mikey is one of the lead characters to throw out ideas that end up helping out in the long run.  No matter how silly the ideas sound.

Now the Turtles, I love the fact that they’re going live action again.  I am disappointed to hear that they’re going with CGI faces though, like in the movie “Where the Wild Things Are”.  Personally I don’t like the CGI being mixed in, but I’m willing to see where they go with it.  Now my hopes for companies is either Jim Henson’s Creature shop coming back. They made those first movies for us and Turtles were amazing!  If they don’t go to Jim Henson’s Creature shop, the other company that would do a wonderful job would be Weta Workshop.  Both of these companies has released amazing CGI and live action costumes.  They could do wonders for the Turtles.

Now actors, it would be cool to see some of the original movie voices come back.  Mainly looking at Brian Toshi and Robbie Rist.  They did the first three movies, so it would be amazing if they’re brought back to do the voices for the new Live action film.  With the people in the costume, as long as they got a great history in wearing costumes and can pull it off, than it doesn’t matter the faces or names.  While the two best performers for me will always be Michelan Sisti and Leif Tilden, through many other medias of TMNT I’ve seen people do the job and bring them to life.

Live cast, I hope to see April and Casey in the movie.  I’m not the biggest fan of April O’Neil, though she is a lead character and I hope they get her done well.  Though while I know these people can not play their old roles, I would love cameos from Ernie Reyes Jr., Elias Koteas, and Paige Turco.  Just a nod to us old school fans would be amazing.  While we’re at it, give Kevin Eastman a cameo where we can see his face more, they do that for Stan Lee in most Marvel Comics movies.

It will be great to see the Foot back, along with the new Shredder.  I hope they leave him human, and that he has a side kick like Tatsu again.  And I hope they do not try to throw in any extra villains that would clog up the script.

Overall I hope it’s a well rounded story where it’s just as important as the character growth.  I hope the Turtles look and feel real, love each other as a family but have their brother problems.  I hope Splinter looks like a rat and has the feel of the Splinter in TMNT 1 and 2. If they can bring Kevin Clash back, that would be amazing!  I hope that the film is made for adults, but can be enjoyed by the full family, like the first film was.

There’s my hopes for the new TMNT Film, what’s yours?  Focus on the characters, actors and a light loose plot you would like to see, please do not focus on this alien subject we got a post for that already.  Please leave comments below.

Please remember this movie is not due out anytime soon.  Late 2013 is the date that is being tossed around now.  I do not know anything that isn’t already out there for people to find through Google.

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Awesome idea Michele, I hope to see that too in the movie.

My hope for the movie is have a similar tone as the first TMNT movie, not too dark and not too kiddie. As for the turtles' voices I hope they either get the current voices for the Nick show or reach out to the guys that voice the Turtles in TMNT because one of my worries are they reach out to people that teeny boppers like to voice the turtles.

I hope the movie showcase all four turtles I like TMNT but the problem I had with the movie it felt like it center around Leo and Raph too much while Don and Mike felt like background characters. I don't mind a sibling rivalry angle with Leo and Raph maybe they should handle it like the 2k3 show did. It was on the surface but it didn't blow up at certain points.

Keep Shredder a bad ass, have the regular foot ninjas along with the foot elite. Not sure they want to go the mystic route but it would be cool.

As for Casey and April I hope they get people that actually fit the roles not hottest star and starlet at the moment.

Another fear is that the new movie fall in the Transformer trap where it's more about the human allies and not the turtles.
I grew up with Transformers and I'm not one of these G1 fans that hate anything that's not from that era but when I saw Transformers I like it but it felt like it was more about this guy and his hot girlfriend(s) trying to save the world and who happen to be buddies with giant robots that can change into cars or other vehicles. But since Kevin Eastman is working with the writers so I'm confident Ninja Turtles will be about the Ninja Turtles and not hottie April O'Neil who happens to be friends with humanoid turtles that can fight.

Lastly I'm hoping for great action sequences(no explosions. Lastly last I just hope for a new story that can lead to bigger and better sequels.

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Thanks for an awesome and well thought out reply! :) Totally agree with you on most points