Instagram TMNT 2014 Trip

Can you spot Turtle bug in this photo?Every year Miki and I have been traveling across country to California.  Usually on the trip we get to visit a few friends, go to a few landmarks and get to see some of the cool sites that is just that much more awesome in person.  On our trip across country this year I decided to do something for the Cowabunga Corner Instagram account, taking photos with the new Giant TMNT Movie toys.  Here’s a behind the scenes look at this drive across Country.

The idea for making these new toys the mascot of the trip came from our adventure last October heading back to Michigan.  On that trip I took pictures of our bird, Petra all the way home.  While packing the car on this trip, I remembered how fun those pictures of Petra was to take so I grabbed up my Michelangelo and Leonardo toy, getting the first pictures of the trip on the front yard with the bug in the background.

To set up the toys, we hold them close to the camera and line them up with what we want in the background to get them to look real size.  This brought a lot of laughs to the trip as people would watch me set up the toys at gas stations, food stops, and rest areas.  I would bring the four Giant Turtles from the car and set them up with whatever was there to offer.  Showing every stop on the drive. 

This journey for the Turtles has come to an end.  Though we may do more adventures with Turtles in the future from the Nickelodeon, Classic and movie toys.  You never know what will appear next on the Cowabunga Corner Instagram.  If you enjoy photos like these, please follow us and share with your friends.

Do you take photos of your toys in fun locations?  Do you try to make them look life size?  Please share about your toys, comments and questions below!



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