Interview: TMNT 2014 by Little Kids Inc

At Toy Fair 2014 we got to talk with many companies about their cool Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle products coming out for 2014.  One of these companies is Little Kids, we covered their booth last year too as they had a ton of amazing TMNT products to show.  All based on the Nickelodeon Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012 series.  Here is our interview with Little Kids from Toy Fair.

We show many fun items here at Little Kids, a lot of these will be seen on Cowabunga Corner in our reviews as we plan to get a close up look at each TMNT product that we can through the year to give full reaction.  Some of these products from Little Kids has already been review including the fun Combat Bubble Nunchucks.  With summer time around the corner, these toys will look great in any fans collection.

A big Thanks to Little Kids for taking the time for the interview and showing us around their booth.


Host & Editing: Michele Ivey

Camera: Miki Ivey

Guests: The awesome folks at the Little Kids booth!

Location: Toy Fair 2014

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