Intro to "The Shape of a Turtle"

Hey everyone, coming soon to Cowabunga Corner is a fanfic I wrote back when I was still in High School, 1996 through 1997. I mainly wrote this throughout the day at school and copying it onto the computer when I got home. What gave me the idea of doing this story was making a fanfic that would crossover with some characters that I created back in 1991, "The Shapers".

I started off with no idea whatsoever on how to handle the story, so I started to write it in third person. Though after I wrote the first chapter of the story, I went back and redid it all the way through from Leonardo's point of view and enjoyed it much more. So the full story is told through first person point of view.  In the story, you get to meet ‘The Shapers’ and other characters along with Leonardo as you will learn their stories as he does.

“The Shape of a Turtle” is 25 chapters long fanfic, following Leonardo through an adventure where he gets stuck working side by side with the Shredder.  In this story, the Turtles are as we know them here in this world as comics and cartoon characters, with the twist that Michaelangelo made friends with Eastman and Laird and they came up with the idea of turning the Turtles’ life into a comic book.  This is a twist I use in each of my fanfics.

At first, the story had nothing to do with my real life feelings, but stuff I've used in role-plays throughout my life and other stuff I would think up. Since most of my villains were already created and the Shapers’ history was nothing new to me, this story was going along easily.  While writing this fanfic, I came into some hard times when my grandfather died on October 8th, 1996. I was very close to him and his death took all of us off guard, especially with how he was acting the day before. I stopped working on the “Shape of a Turtle” for a while, as I tried to get my life back in order. Though when I got back to it, I knew I had to add some of my real feelings into the fanfic. I went over it and over it, and finally found what to do. And if you want to see where I added those feelings feel free to read the story.

The Shapers were created for a role-play that I played when I was younger.  I’ve been working hard at putting together a book about the characters, using their own storyline.  I’ve written many stories about them, even using the Shaper story lines to help me through school projects.  They’re a group of aliens that are hiding here on Earth.  If you’re curious to learn more about these shape shifters, read The Shape of a Turtle.

Since the Ninja Turtles used in this story is of this world, I’ve mixed their personality from the different medias and even mixed up characters, so you can see someone who was used in the movies, cartoons or comics throughout any of my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle fanfics.  Their stories could match up to the media they’re from or slightly altered to fit into our world.

This story is filled with adventure, depression, anger, and much more. You even get to see "The Shredder" drunk! So check it out.

Out of all of my fanfics so far this is my favorite, when I go back and read it... I think..."I wrote this????" There are cliffhangers through out the full story, so it's fun to read.  Starting sometime this June we will be posting one chapter a week of “The Shape of a Turtle” for everyone to enjoy.  If this goes over real well with our readers, I may try to pick up with some of the other fanfics I started and never finished, which follow this one.

Hope everyone enjoys “The Shape of a Turtle” starting this June here on Cowabunga Corner! If you have any questions or comments please use the space below.

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